Easy 4 Mind-Blowing Ways! To MAKE MONEY ON TikTok Musically Videos in 2020! UPDATED!

how to earn money on tiktok easily

So, you want to make money on tiktok. Yes, it’s possible. What you have to do is to follow the instructions provided below. Don’t miss a single one.


Showing Advertisements:

To make money on tiktok at first you have to gather huge following. So, how can you get this following? Like previously, content is the king. You have to make the cool contents. So how can you do that? You can learn some videography skill and then apply your skill you can make the cool contents. But only videography will not do. So, you have to gather some video editing skill too. Seems difficult? No, it’s not actually that difficult. Only you have to spend 20 hours to learn a new skill. Yes, only 20 hours! you have heard right. Studies show that if you spend 20 hours of your time accurately and attendtively then you can earn any skill. The proof is here. So, to learn a new skill or especially as a teenager just spend this 20 hours of your life. 

Okay, you don’t have enough time to spend, then no need to be worried! Hire a professional, especially on Fiverr it will only take from you 5 bucks! But you are getting quality video editing services. So, in such a way make quality video contents for your tiktok accounts and get tons of followers!

So, you have got 1 million followers of you in your tiktok account now what to do?

You can earn money by placing an ad on your video.  You may find Advertisers or Partner who are eager to show their ad through your videos. You have 1 million viewers and it attracts the business people who want to give you the sponsorship or spend money on your videos because it will be a great opportunity for them to reach at least 50k people through your tiktok videos. So, they gladly accept your offer. So, what you have to do is to place a 5 or 3 seconds Ad through your tiktok videos before you are uploading the video. You may insert this Ad using Adobe Premiere Pro software if you know the skill how to use this software or you may hire a video editor to complete the job done for you. Don’t worry this simple task will cost only 5 bucks but on the contrary, you are charging $100 to $200 or even more to the advertising company to keep the Ad snippet in your single tiktok video! But you should be careful about one thing. Even you are placing the Ad snippet in your Tiktok video but you should be artistic and tactful. The Ad snippet should not be looking odd in your video but it should be looking cool and funny as the part of your content video. So, to be a beginner moneymaker from tiktok you are following these easy steps and that is Bigger followers => More Ads => More Money!


Getting Gifts:

It happens that by loving your contents in tiktok the audience gives you virtual gifts. These gifts are coins which can be converted into real cash. It can be in various amounts so try to satisfy your audiences and the audiences will satisfy you. If you want to withdraw money from the tiktok then what you need is a verified Paypal account. Through this, you can make a cash withdrawal which will be at least 100 dollars. Though it may seem to you funny but the truth is no tiktok user is permitted to withdraw from there $1000 in a day. That means there is huge opportunity to earn money from tiktok which can be exceeded to thousand dollars with little creative effort. You will get emojis from your fan in your videos and these emojis are actually points. By redeeming these Tiktok emojis from your tiktok account you get the money that can not be overlooked.


Getting Involved with Youtube:

So, you have enough followers on tiktok, so why don’t you monetize with a youtube channel? See people in tiktok loved your contents and they love you too. They have a great faith on you. You are their dearest on and they search your video often. So, why are you not using this opportunity to make some more income from a youtube channel? Yes, this idea works there! You have become successful to grow your audiences in tiktok and now take these huge audiences to your youtube channel through the link which you have shared in your post in tiktok with the video. Now the tiktokers will go to your youtube channel one by one and now you can monetize your youtube channel with this huge audience or traffic. They loved you in tiktok and they will love you in youtube too. Just one thing to be careful about that don’t share the same content that you have shared in your tiktok content. The content video in your youtube channel must be different from your tiktok account otherwise you will be unable to monetize your youtube video. Your Tiktok account here will be only the huge traffic source to gain and to divert in your youtube channel. If you are worried about how to make youtube video contents then contact with the professional video editor  like previously just in few bucks or just make explainer type videos using Videoscribe. It is so easy to make a video using VideoScribe which is a whiteboard type application and your viewers will get a cool attractive cartoonish like feel when they will watch your videos on youtube. So, if you try to get skilled in VideoScribe then you can easily make your own videos but if you have not that much time and if you want to focus only gathering your content creation ideas then you can get an explainer video editor professional from Fiverr again. Just think it will cost you only a few bucks but if you can take your 1 million tiktok audiences to your youtube channel then this youtube channel will give you $1000 per month.


Amazon Signup:

Okay, you don’t have even a few bucks to spend. Don’t worry, there is another way to do which is 100% free of cost. And that is to make a cool tiktok account as much as possible. Then select some tiktok videos that you want to download. If you click on the arrow button of a tiktok video then you can easily download that. Now you can reupload this downloaded video to your tiktok account but one thing to remember that you have to credit the actual owner of the video and you have to use the sign #repost in your uploaded videos. In such a way collect at least 50 thousand tiktok followers or 1 million followers. The more, the better. You have to give little time to gain followers too but as well as you have to work continuously in such a way that is mentioned here to gain huge following. Now, you have enough contents to your tiktok account too without creating actual contents by you. Now what to do with these re-uploaded contents? How to monetize this? Okay, now you have to redirect people from your tiktok account’s video contents to Amazon Prime’s 30 Day free trial! So, to do this you have to make an account on Amazon and then take the affiliate link of the  Amazon Prime 30 day trial offer! You have to add this link to your Bio in tiktok. Through the bio, people will go to your Amazon Prime’s Affiliate link and when they will sign up there, you will get $3 for per sign up. So, if you can send there even at least 1000 followers of your tiktok and even at least 100 people sign there then you are getting easy $300 using your tiktok account. For the more easy way, you can do this by reposting some videos which contain famous celebrities. Then you can make a caption like this “If you want to see the latest movies of ACTOR’S NAME then Please click on the link in given in the  bio of my tiktok account.” In such a way you can repost different videos on specific popular celebrities and can send tiktok users to those specific celebrities specific videos separately by captioning the tiktok videoes like “Check the bio of my tiktok id to see latest movies from this actor, don’t miss it.” And all these videos will tell the audiences about your bio link and your bio link will redirect them to your Amazon Prime Affiliate that is totally free for them to Signup but giving you 3 dollar for each. I think nothing can be simpler than this!


So, that’s all for today. Comment below by telling me about your opinions and successes regarding TikTok. Have a nice day!

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