💝For Amazon Top Ranking, List of amazon seo services or tasks you may do💝

For amazon top ranking of your products, there is no alternative to the following activities.

Set niche based keywords

Effective place niche based keywords in your Product Title and Description. Use keywords what people are actually searching.


Take Amazon id, password from the client to edit title.


If the buyer does not agree to provide Amazon id or password, then, tell him/her to install Zoom. Using Zoom you may do his/ her task by getting access to his computer’s mouse and keyboard.


Tell buyers of the products to give reviews.

Try to collect positive reviews as many as possible. Encourage customers.


Reviews and Comments are always very important for Amazon Top Ranking.


Do Classified Ad posting

This method works very well to sell the products of Amazon. For $200, do at least 50 ad postings for your client.

Go to Technology related sites and try to

Create backlinks for the product.

Do at least 50 link buildings for the product in a relevant way.


Do Youtube Marketing.

Create the slideshow of the products with background music. Product description link and Amazon page link will be in the video description with URL shortening. In such a way create videos as many products as he has with links. 

You can create whiteboard animation videos easily for the products using whiteboard video Animation software VideoScribe.


Do Facebook Marketing.

Create a page for your client and if there are 10 products then post for them each and now what you have to do is to share those 10 posts only.

Go to different Facebook buy- sell groups and share these 10 posts on by one. Do at least 100 shares on the different Facebook buy-sell group. Do from different accounts from your friends and family. Don’t do more than 5 times a day from a single account.


Do Google ranking.

Optimize images and descriptions. Make them SEO friendly. An SEO consultant can do this work very well.


In short, you have to set keywords, collect comments and reviews. Then, Amazon will rank the product as fast as possible.

How can I sell online for free
Ways to sell any product online for free. Share or Pin this image for later use.


Hope this helps! 

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