Get Paid $800 or more to Design Logos with 6 Uncommon Techniques.

Yes, you can design logos and earn handsome amount of money. You can get paid to design logos from freelancer market place or from offline clients.


To work as a freelancer logo designer you may choose Upwork. You will really get your value there.


There are so many websites which are arranging Logo Contests daily and you can win the contest by using simple but intelligent techniques. The examples of the those market places are:






Why will you Learn Logo Design?


The answer is so simple. You can earn huge amount of money by using a small amount of time through logo design. It happens that people are earning more than $800 just using a few hours in a day.


In most of the logo design contest, the payment ranges from $50 to $1200 and even you can earn it with a little bit of creativity and technical knowledge.


One thing you have to keep in mind that before joining a logo contests you must gain the skill. You have to be familiar with the following thing before you submit your first logo and get paid.


Colour Theory: You must know about the basic colour theory before designing a logo. With maintaining the harmony of different colours your design will fail and there is no doubt in this case. Study about the colour theory, grasp this science at first and only after then approach for Logo design.


Current Logo Trends: 

You have to study about the logo trends from past to present. Don’t worry youtube is there for you and you can learn so many things about it. 

Check why popular logos are so popular and what is the science behind them. Study which logo design trend is going on now? Is it for minimal design, natural or retro? Study the trend and then you can bite 30% of the logo design challenge.



Yes, it is very important to know. Because every shape has its own language? Do you have to understand what feeling rectangular shape evokes in the human mind? Triangle shape talks about what. 

Is round shape related to cuteness? Do pointy shapes evoke danger in the human mind? Yes, you have to know the human psychology behind shapes and colours to make an appealing logo. So, read various logo design case studies as many as possible. It’s really so rewarding.


Adobe Illustrator:


There so many graphic design software but Adobe Illustrator will give you the best flexibility for designing a logo.


I personally love this because it’s just like an artboard and with the little grip of pen tool you can make your dream logo using this software.


Honestly, to say, the pen tool may seem confusing to you at first. But by watching a few tutorials on youtube regarding pen tool you will surely crust it. I love Graphic Designer Gareth David’s tutorials about Adobe Illustrator and Pen tool. 


This will save you a lot from your illogical panic about pen tool. Believe me, it’s really easy.


To win a contest I just follow the below techniques.


My Logo Design Checklist:


1. Looking at competitors greater stars logos.


2. Searching logo and images using logo related keywords and then making a mood board. That means I just arrange all the images in a long artboard in illustrator and logically try to connect the ideas.


3. Searching logo theme-related fonts.


4. Searching logo theme-related colours.


5. Going to websites like Wix logo creator, canva, shopify logo creator or other online logo creator and making theme related many logos.


6. Combining those all ideas and creating two final logos in Adobe Illustrator.  One from the safe ground and another from my creativity as my wish.


So, that’s for today. If you have more inquiry feel free to ask below.

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  1. This is a great resource for people who have the talent to design a logo! This is truly a great way to start a side hustle then turn it into a flourishing business. Great post

    1. Thank you, Shari. I just really wanted to help people who have a great taste for creating logos. Your advice to turn this into a business will really help them a lot.

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