Hi, Beginner Moneymaker (Startups),

Do you know your products are just awesome with huge potential?

But they fail because of inappropriate marketing!

It is said that “Without marketing doing business is just laughing at a beautiful girl in a dark room. ” Just useless! Because no one will none will know about your feelings in darkness.

So, just come to light ūüôā

***One Recommendation*** for your Website to improve sales. To find potential buyers for those sweet and huge potential products do SEO with the mix of Paid Marketing strategies that will be better for the product sales from your website. One thing I should mention that the result of SEO is slow but deep; the result of paid ads is first. Besides creating eye-catchy content for marketing purposes for your website, managing Social media accounts, and setting up beautifully if you allow me to run Facebook and Google Ads Campaign based on demographics, then I can get quality visitors to the business website. Don’t worry as I know SEO so I can increase the buyers and visitors organically by maintaining a content calendar and creating quality engaging content. My English Speaking and Written Skill is fluent so I can handle your Shopify business nicely and report to you weekly about the metrics. I can do all these tasks for you on a $200/month basis. You can through the total sell responsibilities of your product on me.

I am a **Paid Ads Campaign Strategist and Social Media Manager** and I bring sales for e-commerce using Paid Ads, Organic SEO & Social Media Accounts Management. Currently, I am working with an Art and Craft Ecommerce Store (fb.me/Archiscrafts) and bringing their real followers & sales. I can do the same for you too.



Mahmudur Ashik


***Some more tips for your Business Growth***

If you don’t want to hire me, no problem! Just take the following steps to sell your beautiful products. Hope you will get sales soon.

1. Do the On-page and Off-page SEO of your web pages, images, and products and then Google Listing. (Result: Slower but deep)

2. Run Conversion Facebook Ads & Google Ads campaign setting up a pixel, tag manager tracking to your website. (Result: Fast. Few Test Ads need to be run at first.)

3. Continuously post engaging content on your social media business accounts. (Result: Slower but deep)


My Skills follows:

1. Paid Ads Campaign Management (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat).

2. Search Engine Optimization (Technical).

3. WordPress and Shopify Website Management.

4. Business Social Media Account Management (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter)

5. Virtual Assistance for increasing Sales.


For increasing sales and Conversion, you may read my blog at https://beginnermoneymaker.com/Blog

I share Business Hidden Growth Tips and Tricks.

Hope this helps! Happy Selling!


Please check my work as a 


Facebook Ads Expert:

Engagement Campaign,


Message and Awareness Campaigns,



Social Media Manager:



SEO Expert:


Keyword (make money from musical ly)on Google First page.


Mahmudur Ashik

Google Ads and Seo Expert

Google Ads and SEO Expert


2015 - Present

Teach Studio NYC

Got opportunity to take my skill to a new level. A work-acholic community which does not forget to cheer too. Working as a part time PPC Expert really opened new experience of professionalism.

2013 - 2015

BitBox Pro

Hands-on experience with amazing co-workers was found. Really was a nice journey of work-life with them.

2010 - 2013


Started my journey with Google Adwords Since 2010. Through the passage of time, I learned so many practical things. Experience led me to the tower of wisdom.

About Me

I am a Google Ads Consultant. I help businesses to run their Ads Campaign in a better way. Ensuring increasing sales or leads for them is my motto. I know what it feels like when you have no traffic or sales to your online business. So, I take the responsibility of paid marketing of your business.



UI & UX Course


Google Ads Search Certification


Royal College of Art


Google Ads 90%
SEO 87%
Facebook Ads 71%
Google Analytics 80%
Google Tag Manager 85%


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