Hiring Freelancers: 5 Questions you Must ask in an Interview on Upwork.

You have a Startup and you have many tasks to do online such as :

Google Top Ranking of your website.
On-Page SEO
Off-page SEO
Local SEO
Writing SEO friendly contents.
Image Editing.
Video Editing.
Social Media Sharing with the right timing.

In a word, Digital Marketing for your website by creating lots of effective contents.

So, you see creating a website is very easy now in these days but the hard part is continuous marketing on different platforms.

If you want to do that all, then, who will run your business offline.

So, for this reason, you need a virtual assistant who will relieve you from your virtual work tasks.

Thanks, Upwork. It has solved your 70% problem online for Starting a new business. It can be an E-commerce or even a Real estates business.

Okay, you had done a job post to hire a person and you had written all the conditions in the job description.

But even after that, you should ask some crucial questions with proof so that the client and worker relationship goes a long way.

So in an interview ask these questions to the candidate and only hire if you get the right answers with proofs.

Is he really fluent in English?

In his profile, you will get that he is Fluent in English. But in reality, it can be different.

So, take an English test of him/her on the interview immediately.

It will save you lots of headache in future.

Otherwise, it may happen that he will not understand your direction in future after hiring him/her and do a lot of mess.

So, get this proof above all before hiring a candidate.

Will he work for you or his team?

Yes, this is so important too. You have to be assured by the candidate that he/she will work for you or his/her team.

If he/she works for you then thatโ€™s great! But sometimes it happens that his team member can provide you with the faulty result which he/she may miss.

So, ask, he is working for how many companies? If it is two or three then Okay.
But if it is more than that then he/she may compromise with the quality of your work.

Tell him to show his previous work proof?

Itโ€™s so important. Tell him to show work proof he/she has done before which is similar to your assigned job requirements.

Ask him to tell what he has learned about your business and how he can help you here online.

Yes, this so important. You should take a test of the candidate about the knowledge base he has achieved from the job description or your company name.

Ask a work plan from him about his goal to improve your business.

Check the candidate has researched on your business, your needs properly or not.

Be clear to the time schedule.

You need to be clear to the candidate about time schedule. It may be daily, monthly or weekly hours.

Ask the candidate clearly if he can work certain hours on a certain period of time or not.

Ask about his Honesty. Take an Honesty Test.

Yes, this stage is so vital. Ask the freelancer before hiring if he will maintain honesty with your work or not.

Sometimes, it happens that completing a few tasks with honesty at first, he or she starts to show disloyalty to your task. So, take the guarantee at first from him/her that he/she will really love the work to do or not.

Though it may seem shallow at first, in the long run, you will get the benefit from this.

Hope this helps!

Wish you all the best for your Online Business Journey ๐Ÿ™‚

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