How does Youtube Make You Money

How does Youtube Make You Money

Youtube make you money in two ways, and this can be from a Video creator’s point of view and secondly from an Advertiser’s point of view. And I will discuss and reveal both sectors by which you can make a considerable amount of money through youtube platform. Yes, money earning from youtube is that easy if you work little bit diligently following any of the steps I have discussed below.


Make money in youtube from a Video Creator’s Point of view:


So, you have heard about youtube money-making and thinking about how does youtube make you money? So, here is the basic to advance guidelines for you to make money on youtube.


According to Stefan, the monetization strategist of Youtube, to make you money on youtube at first you need an audience, and you can build an audience on youtube when you are making videos consistently that your audience will surely like to watch. You must follow Youtube’s Community Guidelines. Maintaining all these now you can apply for the Youtube Partner Programme (YPP) to monetize your youtube videos as a creator.

But the least qualities to apply for YPP program are:

  1. You have at least 1000 subscribers.
  2. In one year (last 12 months), you must have a total of 4000 hours public watch for your videos by your audience.
  3. And, above all, you are maintaining the rules and regulations of youtube without any previous band or suspension of your channel. That means you have to be a good citizen in this platform without breaking any laws.

So, you have met the above YPP conditions, and now you have to Sign in the Partner Program Terms, and then you have to Sign up for a Google Adsense account. After you complete this all then at the third stage your channel will Get Reviewed according to Youtube policies.

So, now if everything is okay now, you can start earning money through Youtube ads or Youtube Premium subscribers according to your content.

Once your YPP is approved then you will see youtube makes you money with such money other ways too, for example, Channel Membership or Super Chat on youtube.

Super Chat feature on youtube.
Image: Super Chat feature on youtube.


Some common questions you may ask:

# When will my channel be reviewed?

Ans: Okay, it needs approximately one month or less to be reviewed by the youtube authority. To know about your channel review status, you may go to Youtube Studio → Monetization page.

Tip: Don’t stop making videos when your channel is under review. Keep making interesting contents and continue to build your audience.


# Why my channel was not approved?

Ans: It’s because your channel didn’t meet the criteria or conditions of the Youtube Partner Program those are discussed above, especially the Youtube Policies and Youtube Community Guidelines.

Tip: If this happens with you, then you can re-apply for the program in 30 days by fulfilling all the conditions. But before re-applying review the Policies and Community Guidelines again. Be assured that your channel and videos are meeting all these thresholds. You must delete or edit any video that is against their policies and guidelines.


# Okay you have successfully included in the Youtube Partner Program, but then you ask again, Do I have to meet 1000 subscribers continuously, 4000 hours public watch time every year?

Ans: In one word, the answer is “no”.

Tip: But, you must be active in your video uploads and posts. You have to be engaged with your youtube channel community with comments. 

Danger Zone: If you are not active in your channel for six months and as a result, if your channel fails to meet the before discussed Youtube Partner Program Thresholds or Qualities, then there will be 90% possibility that they will remove your channel from Youtube Partner Program. So, the only way to avoid this is to be active in your channel and sustain yourself to build an audience with your channel by creating videos where your audience will be engaged on. Another thing to keep in mind that if your channel’s video is age-restricted, then you are not able to monetize that video.


Now another thing to keep in mind and that is How Ads Work on YouTube?


To understand this, you have to focus on three factors. Those are:

  1. Viewers (your audience)
  2. Creator (you)
  3. Advertisers (your sponsor)

To make it more precise, you have to understand that Advertisers are always in search of their targeted audience to sell their products. If you have an already particular niche-based targeted Viewers that can be converted to their customers, then they are very eager to show their ads through your Youtube channel. In such a way, Youtube will show the Advertisers ads through your niche based youtube channel to earn money too. Youtube will show their Advertisers ads through your content and make money, and they will give you a percentage of their money to you that they have got from the Advertisers of the particular products. So, in such a way, youtube will make you money. As a Video Creator, you are just acting as a medium between your channel’s Viewers and company Advertisers. Youtube is working as a platform which is allowing you to earn money in such a way through their platform, so they are keeping some percentage of the Advertisers money by giving you the rest. If an advertiser has kept $20 budget for 1000 times ad views or impressions from your video content, then you can get $2 or $3 from that as a youtube video creator for per 1000 views. Don’t get frustrated as you are getting more than $1000 per month for millions of pictures if you have an engaged audience. And this is nothing but just increasing your passive income.  


It’s true that only relying on impression-based Youtube Ad revenue system may not give you the highest income. Youtube Ad is just a fundamental way of earning money from youtube. But there are so many other ways too using which youtube platform make you money, and those are discussed below.


  1. Make a youtube based engaged audience and earn money through Shopify:

Like, is a search engine too. It is the second-largest search engine in the world. So, people are keeping searching for a product on also. So, if you have an already engaged audience, then there are searching for a particular product on youtube. Now the amazing part is that if you have a video on a particular product on your youtube channel and the audience search about that product on the youtube search bar the youtube will suggest your video to them at first because they had seen your other videos before and they subscribed you. They trust you and your videos, and you will be the first choice for youtube search algorithm for them if you have already a video related to their search. So, keeping this in mind by taking the benefit of your engaged audience in youtube you can create an eCommerce front store in a platform like Shopify and can sell your niche based product there that is also related with your videos and audience.

Tip: Here, in this case, you are using Youtube as just your Sales Funnel. Through this funnel, your audiences are going to be converted as your customers. 

Funnel Map: Engaged audience based youtube channel → Choose right Physical Niche product → Make Niche related video → Product link in the video description → Shopify storefront → Money.

Just make your video so simple that your audience can connect with their need easily. Use URL shortener so that the link doesn’t look ugly in your video description.


2. Monetize your videos with Yondo or Udemy:

If your ultimate goal is to earn money through your videos, then you should not limit yourself only in Youtube ad. You may create a full video course or sell your premium videos through or where your Youtube channel and its growing audience will play a vital role too. Generally, videos or course based on skills like Using Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro gain so much popularity in this case. 


Tip: Make a logo design or photography course or other skill-based courses. I guess you have a total of 30 videos on this course. Now upload first 10 videos on Youtube and other 20 videos or the full course on or and encourage your audience on youtube if they like your course-related videos on Youtube and then they can get the full course with all the videos on the description link below your youtube channel videos. Make them understand that they can do a little favour by watching the rest of the videos on those platforms and earn skill. So, in such a way through your youtube video description through your shorten link they will go to your uploaded videos on or and from those websites you can earn massive amount of revenue if they enrol into your course there. You don’t need to be a technical geek in this case. If you can draw well, teach people how to draw in such a way and earn money. Even if you are a Language teacher then in such a way you can get lots of revenue too. Just use your mobile phone to create the videos. If your videos have enough value to provide then be assured that people will be surely eager to learn from you even they have to be paid. Per video can be averagely 10 minutes long based on your audience and teaching skill. One thing to keep in mind that you have to be enthusiastic with humour so that your audience doesn’t get bored. You have to act as their digital friend inside the mobile or computer monitor screen. For inspiration, you may just see how this woman and an old grandma is just continuing their YouTubing just using their mobile cameras. And surprisingly they have Youtube Ads running on their youtube channel too. The only secret here is that they are continuous in what they are doing. Okay, you don’t have a skill set to teach yet, then just take a course offline and make your own course online in such a way.


Funnel Map: Make at least 30 quality educative videos → Upload first 10 videos on youtube → Sign up on or → Upload your 30 videos as a full course → Take the course link and shorten it → Give your shorten link in your youtube channel video description → Engaged youtube audience will go to your paid course → You will earn revenue from Premium videos on Youndo or Udemy.


3. Earn money using youtube through affiliate links:

Yes, you can earn money using youtube through affiliate links but I will not suggest you at first because it is not that easy. You have to be enough knowledgeable before doing this. Again, in this case, the first priority is the audience based youtube channel with lots of trusts. You can’t just put your affiliate link in the description of your youtube videos without providing some values to your audience. It will never work in such a way. Generally, webmasters or affiliate marketeers use their website by linking to their affiliate products but you can use your youtube channel and videos in a more productive way in this case.


Tip: To do affiliate marketing with your youtube channel just choose the product of a website or company that you use only and are getting benefit using the product. Then choose similar more 9 products and make a review or compare and contrast video on these 10 products. Now tell the audience among those 10 which products which one you like most and why. Please give your honest review there. Don’t cheat with them because they are more knowledgeable than what you think about them. Now take your product affiliate link, shorten it with URL shortener and give it in your video description link. Tell your audience to feel free to check the product through your link to do you a favour if they trust you. In such a way, you can enough money passively through your affiliate marketing using the youtube channel. You can add yourself with, Skillshare, Target, PointsPrizes, Movavi or other affiliate networks to get quality products for affiliate marketing.


Task Map: Your engaged youtube channel → Channel related best affiliate product → Shorten affiliate link in the video description → Earn passive income.


4. Get youtube sponsorship to make money:

In this case, at first, you have to know how to get youtube sponsorship at first. You have to plan from the very beginning even before creating your youtube channel and you have to be very strategic. Generally, a computer game based youtube channel or electric gadget unboxing youtube channel get sponsors easily. Sponsorship also varies from country to country or region to region. Besides your Youtube Ad earning, Youtube Sponsorship will give you huge money. There is no limit in this case. Generally, Youtube Sponsorship earning is 10x more than your Youtube Ad earning.


Tip: Visit some game-based or gadget unboxing youtube channel. Get ideas from them and try to replicate their strategies. Now if you think you gain enough strength for your channel for sponsorship then you should search for the youtube sponsorship. I will not tell you to wait for them to come to you. But must advance to them by informing them about your channel’s potentials. is an influencer sponsorship platform which has paid over $3,929,499 to the YouTuber like you. According to their website if you have over 2,000 youtube subscribers or if you have over 25 followers to your Instagram profile then you can get access to GrapeVine Marketplace with more than hundreds of brand sponsorship opportunities related to your channel. Not only sponsorship but sometimes they also offer you product packages in exchange for their product review by you. Content BLVD is a website that will not help you to get sponsorship for your youtube videos but they will only give you product packages in exchange for the review. If you have any health-related physical product then you can choose this platform otherwise I will not recommend you to choose this platform. Another way to get youtube sponsorship is to make sponsored content with According to their website, there are more than 340 active sponsorship opportunities right now. Their main aim is to bring you great sponsors based on your youtube channel and videos. They connect you with the brands who are looking to collaborate with you to create amazing branded contents for them.


Warning: Before replicating game-based or gadget unboxing youtube channel, research your market place at first. Don’t just be emotional and make videos on something that has no market value because without product value sponsors will not be attracted to your channel. It will just waste your time.


Task Map: Find a profitable niche discussed above → Keep uploading quality videos for at least six months → Try your best to gain audience for your channel → Go to websites like FameBit or others → Choose sponsors → Write a creative proposals with your promotion fee → Get hired for your channel related sponsored content → Complete endorsement and share their sponsored content with your youtube channel → Get paid via Paypal or check.

Yes, it’s that simple but with huge hard work! Don’t just read but try to implement too. This blueprint works and it will work for you too.


5. Live speaking engagements or Youtube live to make you money:

Using youtube live and by engaging your audience in live chat you can earn thousands of dollars just by one hour of presentation. For example, you have an eCommerce site of clothing and through live chat you can expose your new clothing products to thousands of audience and if they like any product of you then they can buy it from the given link of your eCommerce site that you have provided to your youtube description or in youtube live chatbox with shorten links. 


Tip: Make a website and create some course. Then sell your course through youtube live chat by providing your link to buy the course. Nothing is more profitable than hours of well presented live chat because it gives you a direct chance to convince your audience on the real-time and they will buy the course from you if they the ability only. They are watching your live show because they trust you, so some of them will surely buy your course if they have the ability to buy.


Task Map: Make an eCommerce or learning site → Create a youtube channel related to your product → Gain audience by regular quality video uploading → Now engage your audience with youtube live chat → Redirect them to your eCommerce site → Earn money when they will buy your product or valuable course.


6. DTC Sale:

Do you know Jeffrey Starr? I think you don’t. This multimillionaire has totally changed his personality to be a millionaire, and Youtube has given him a greater success through Direct-To-Consumer sale model. He makes makeup products and mostly reaches to his customers through his youtube channel by making product-related videos.


If you no need to be an Advertiser in youtube to earn money through this platform then you no need to read the later part of this article. But if you want to get so much profit from your business or even if you’re going to market your youtube channel to other viewers as advertisement, then you can read the rest of it. I think it is a better way to know about your advertisers even if you want to make money as a youtube video creator. Because it will help you you create better content so that you can attract the Advertisers to your youtube channel to sponsor.


Make money in youtube from an Advertiser’s point of view:


As an Advertiser, you can make a tremendous amount of money from youtube by showing your company advertisement in this platform only if you advertise here strategically. First of all, you have to understand three popular types of Ad formats here and there:


  1. i) TrueView Ads
  2. ii) Bumper ads

iii) Reservation 15/20s

  1. iv) Outstream video ads
  2. v) Masthead


Here I am discussing the TrueView Ads only. If you want more in details, then comment below so that I can research for you more.


TrueView Ads:

According to ThinkwithGoogle, this is an Ad format where you have to pay only when a viewer will eagerly watch your advertisement. Otherwise, you don’t have to pay for the advertisement. The ads will be shown to only those people who are curious about your niche or Ad content. So, this is a win-win situation for you. Another right side of this Ad format is that there is no time limit for your ads. You can experiment with your advertisement video length as an Advertiser here, and you will get enough time to tell the story about your product or company. There are two types of TrueView ads, and those are:

  1. TrueView in-stream: Here, viewers see 5 seconds of your Ad, and they have the choice to skip. If they jump, then you don’t have to pay, but if they watch at least 30 seconds or to the end of your advertisement or click any of your advertised element, then you have to pay as an Advertiser.


  1. TrueView video discovery: This type of video advertisement generally appears with the other videos in youtube search page or on the websites involved with Google Display Network, and you have to pay only if the viewer clicks on your Ad to watch it.


Clash Royale’s “The Last Second” has done the most successful use of TrueView Ads.


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