How to Make Money Fast as a Kid [10 Proven Methods! ] You Miss, You Lose!

Really want to know how to make money fast as a kid? Okay, you are in the right place. If you know the secret in this early age then it will be very easier for you to get rich earlier. 

I will discuss with you about all the legitimate ways of earning money.

I will share the method step by step because you have the right to know and there are so many examples of kid billionaire which you should not overlook. I will tell you about them and show you the steps what you can apply for you too to be successful.

Remember you are a kid and you have enough time which the grown-ups miss. So, apply what I say from today and get success to make money fast. But there is a disclaimer and that to sustain your money flow you must make a long term goal and that will be helpful for you a lot.

Remember, maybe you are a kid now but a few days later you are going to be teen and then one of the grown-ups. I believe you have the same intelligence as most of the grownups have even sometimes your working effort can be more than few grownups, so, my advice for you is to implement what I say as soon as possible.


Tools you need to make money as a kid:

a) Mobile or Laptop

b) Internet Connection

c) Average Reading and Writing skill.

Step 1:  Use Legitimate Survey Sites to make money fast:

To make money fast what you can do is to go legitimate survey sites. I will give you some list of legitimate survey sites so no need to be worried for now. By going there make some cash. After making the cash just use 10% of the money for your expenditure and try to save 90% of the money. This saving will help you to make more money about what I will discuss later.

At first, I will recommend you Swagbucks. You may get $5 at first by joining there. It is a legitimate survey site and working properly gaining so much popularity and trust. You may earn money from this site by doing the following work.

  • Doing survey work.
  • Watching videos.
  • Searching the web by making Swagbucks your search engine.
  • Playing online games etc.

By doing all these things you will get points and later you can convert these points into rewards or cash. 

Just go and signup in Swagbuck and check if you can make an extra buck or more than that.

My second recommendation for you to join Survey Junkie if you really want to earn some money from survey sites. Yes, according to me it is another legitimate site I trust to make money.

You have to do paid online survey jobs there. It is possible for you to make extra $200 in a month if you do the job in a right way.  There 1 point = 1 cent that means 100 points = $1. But you have to earn at least $10 in account if you want to cash out.

The task in Survey Junkie is mostly same as Swagbucks that I have discussed above.

What I like about SJ  are:

  • Easy to use.
  • Comparatively greater reward spending little time.
  • No email spamming.
  • You can redeem the point into e-gift cards or Paypal.
  • Overall trustworthy.

What I dislike about SJ are:

  • Sometimes it tough to get most profitable surveys.
  • Accidentally, some rewards are not added to account sometimes.
  • Every time you have to be qualified for surveys.

So, to test it I will tell you to Join Survey Junkie now and take some surveys to check if it’s really worth your time or not.


My third recommendation for you is to join InboxDollars if you really love survey sites to make some extra income. You will be rewarded $5 at first if you signup there. 

It is a nice website that really gives you a chance to earn money from your home by doing fun activities.


My fourth recommendation for you is to join Pinecone Research which is also a survey sites that pays huge money to its users by providing some research-based survey tasks.

So, I think you have understood that to make money from survey sites you have to join with more than one survey networks. Because then if you find one survey site pause you for a specific time, then you can utilise your time by another survey site and can make money by completing the small tasks. So, recycle your work one website to another those I have mentioned here.

My fifth recommendation for you is that if you are really in love with the survey sites then get connected with ClixSense (yesense). This one of the legitimate survey sites that help its users with paid surveys, Cash offers, completing small tasks or sharing their contents to a new user. Its so trustworthy and really worth for your time.

Keep in mind that these survey sites are not an alternative to a daily job. Those just work as a side hustle and you may use only your free time here. For a permanent source of income, I have other recommendations for you. So, just keep going.


Step 2: Get Paid to Click:

Do you love to see advertisements by clicking on it? Then this job is for you. You can go to Neobux and see the ads they will show you. What you have to do is to click on the ads and in such a way you will be paid there.

Earning from PTC sites are regarded as good earning method from the comfort zone of your home. But, the only downside I find here sometimes ads take a little bit time to load.

But, if you have enough free time then you may give it a try and I have no problem for this.


Step 3: Share Link Earn Money:

This is an interesting way to generate passive income. For example, you have an interesting story-book in pdf format. Many people want to read that book but they don’t have it. So, what you are doing.. you are just keeping that pdf file in online drive like Mediafire and just shorten the link using websites like or LinkShrink.

Now, if people want to go to download that book using your given shorten link they will see a three or five-second duration Advertisement and after that they can download your given file.

That’s the idea! When they will see the ad few cents will be added to your account. And see if daily thousands of people go to download the file using your link then cents will be at last converted into dollars and you can earn handsome amount of money just sharing the link like these.

This was just an idea to make you understand. I think you can do this by so many other creative ways.

A list of other highest paying URL shortener websites is given below.

  • BC.VC
  • OUO.IO
  • URLCash
  • P.PW
  • CashFly

Feel free to research more on this method of earning money to implement as early as possible.


Step 4: Choose a Topic you love on the Internet to read or Write about:

Okay, from the survey sites I hope you earned some money and you saved that. Now listen to me carefully.

Judge yourself which topic gives you so much interest. Reading which topic you don’t get bored. In which topic you can continuously talk about or write.

Listen to me, for me its “Make Money” topic. I love to write about making money ideas online or offline and I don’t get bored for this.

Perhaps there is a topic in your mind too on which you love to talk about, you can chat with your friend hour after hour about that topic, because you love to write about that topic. 

Listen to me again, chatting with friend will not give you money but the same writing can give you huge money if you use this skill technically.

Yes, I am telling you about this now. For example, you love to play mobile games like “Clash Royale”. You can talk so much about it. Okay, now give some advice to your game community by writing something about your experience. Share your discovered tips and tricks regarding this game.

Okay, now the question is how can you choose the topic that people will read? I will tell not to choose any topic that you love only but you have to write about some topic related questions that people are asking to google and searching for answers. 

Yes, that’s the policy. Go search this “Clash Royal a” or “Clash Royal b” or “Clash Royal c” in such a way (a-z) using your favourite topic in Google Search and Youtube Search. You will see hundreds of search suggestions and that questions what people are searching on Google or Youtube.

Now, if you can write based on those searched questions or topic by answering and helping them based on your experience then you will get a huge writing which has been written by you. Okay, if you don’t have the answers of those questions or problems then just Google about those topics and read or see first 10 website or Youtube videos. So, now you have enough idea to write about.


Now, go to , create an easy blogger website and post your writing one by one according to topic or question item wise. Try to post daily or weekly one writing. Try to be consistent.

If you can continue like this then you will see you are getting so many visitors to your free Blogger website and after one or two months because of so much visitors (also known as traffic) to your website Google is trying to suggest you to show ads to your website. Isn’t that so funny, yes that is funny but effective. You can earn money from your website by showing Google Ad from your Google Adsense account. Yes, google will also help you automatically sometimes to create your adsense account and earn money.

That is called passive income. Many people even kids are earning money like this and alas, you didn’t know. So, don’t waste your time and try to earn some money like this. Try to implement this idea from today. If you diligently work, then in only two months, you can earn a handsome amount of money. Just find your a topic you love and try to write on it by searching what people are searching about that on Google and Youtube by applying my provided method.


  • Be careful. Don’t use any image that is copyrighted. Then google will not help you to earn money. Go to, or to use free picture to your writing in Blogger blog post. Try to take less kb size image because it will make your free blogger website faster and people don’t have to wait for loading your write. Remember, people hate waiting. So, serve them as fast as possible.
  • Avoid copying of others writing. Don’t do this shameful thing ever. Just write what you understand in your own word. Just try to help the people and google will help you by providing you reward by giving your visitors and Google adsense ad money. Doing opposite will punish your website by removing it from search result and then don’t blame me. Be honest always.


  • To increase the traffic or visitor to your website what you can do is to share your writing (blog post) to your friends and relatives using your social media accounts like facebook, Pinterest etc.
  • Try to go community like Quora, Reddit, Topic related Facebook group or Web 2.0 and try to answer people questions regarding those. Try to help people at first by answering their question. After that when you will be so popular or trustworthy to those communities, try to give related blog post links to your paragraphs of answer. It will give you so much visitor to your blogger website and you can earn a handsome amount of money.



Another method you can follow to earn some extra passive income as a kid and that is Youtubing . Don’t worry you don’t have to buy a camera. Or, even if you have a mobile camera that will do too.


With camera or mobile camera of your parents:

Using your mobile camera just shoot funny moments with your parents and sisters. Perhaps it can be the incident of playing family games with your younger sisters where you were cheating and got caught. Try to make few incidents like these and make videos and then upload the video to youtube.

Share those youtube videos with your friends and family members using social media. Tell them to share too. In such a way, if you get most sharing of your youtube videos in 24 hours then there is a high chance that your video will go viral on youtube. That means there will be created a huge earning possibility using your youtube channel using Google adsense. 

In such a way, if you can continue funny videos with your friends and family then there is huge chance that you will be converted into a kid influencer and kid product related company will try to give you money if you show a little bit of ad of their product into your video. That means you will get money by sponsorship. Isn’t it nice. What you need a little bit of consistent work which can be daily or weekly.

I think there are so many cute cats in your neighbourhood. Why are you meeting the cat owners and taking videos of their funny cats? I think the owners of cat will not dislike you as they are so generous. So, take the videos of those cute and funny cats and post to your youtube channel by creating a cat related youtube channel. 

Those funny activities of cats will attract viewers for you on your youtube channel and actually who doesn’t love to see cute activities of the cats!

Your channel will be popular day by day. In such a way, you can earn money mostly in two ways. One from Google Adsense and another is from sponsorship. 

Companies which sell pet product they will try to contact with you to show their product ad into your pet youtube channel and provide you with a handsome amount of money. 

You can do the same by creating a dog related youtube channel too. Perhaps, this may help you to start your own business as a dog walker. You know about dogs, you have so many videos on your youtube channel about how to pet a dog, so why people will not think you as a good advisor for their dogs and they will easily give you their dogs for dog walking. And I think in such a way, you can earn a decent income even if you are a kid of 13 years old and want to make some money.

You can earn money by creating Tiktok Videos:

So, if you have a phone with a good camera then why you are not going to be a Tiktoker. Today tiktokers are earning so much money by getting sponsorship. You can be a Tiktok influencer too where age doesn’t matter at all.

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Without camera method:

So, you don’t have a camera. Ok, that’s great. That means you can make money from home by using this method.

But you need to achieve a little bit video editing skill using your phone or laptop. In this case, using laptop computer is better.

Just download and install OpenShot. It’s a free video editing software that you can use very easily.

Now, go to and find out some meditation or inspiration related voice audio that has CC beside their name. CC means creative common. You use cc audio without any copyrighted problem

Now go to pixel and search some fee videos of sea beach in the morning, sunrise, people exercising related clips.

Now, go to youtube free music library and download inspirational music.


So, now you have inspirational voice audio file, inspirational music file and many free inspiration video clips. 

You will take these all to OpenShot software and arrange video clips with voice and music. Now see after proper arrangement you have got a nice video by saving those.

Now, upload this video on youtube and share it to different social media. Your videos will get popular and by getting adsense later you can earn a handsome amount of money later will be a  great source of passive income for you later.

Just avoid using copyrighted materials and always use video, audio, image files or materials having Creative Commons Liscence (CC). This will help you to grow.

Step 5: Get paid for designing attractive business logos.

Yes, you can get paid for designing logos online. But for this you have to study at first.

Don’t worry. There are so many resources online where you can start. Just Google for how to design a logo and you will get so many useful resources.

You have to about about colour harmony, shapes and logo trends to win a logo design contest. And your earning will range from $ 50 to $ 800 for per logo design project if you win a logo design contest.

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Step 6: Blogging for Business:

I have showed you different ways of earning money as a kid above and I hope you have already earned some money by performing the odd jobs like surveying, link sharing and micro-blogging in to gather some money.

But do you know what you have done before has done to gain little cash and experience. But in reality it’s not your future. You have to build a strong career. And blogging for business comes at first in this case if you really want a strong pillar for your success.

Yes, you have to upgrade your blogging career to a next level and you have to see it as a business. You have to come out from the shell of micro-blogging in and you have to create your own professional blog based on real Domain and Hosting.

Though, it is a slow process at first and you have to perform a lot of task to grow your blog but after passing a period of time it will really return on your investment.

Yes, now it is right time for investing the money that you have earned online through those odd jobs I have discussed above.

Do you know why?

  • Though you are earning some money from survey sites now, but there may come a bad time when your account in survey site may get banned. May be they will cheat with you by not giving you the full payment.
  • Your PTC site earning can be seized and they will show you such a reason to you that may seem to you fake logical and painful.
  • Your passive earning method of link sharing may get tougher day by day because you will find that many social media platforms like facebook, pinterest are not accepting your links.
  • Your microblogging site in may be removed for a mistake of you which you have done without any intention.
  • Your youtube passive earning may be lowered by adsense any time due to their upcoming policies.

Yes, disaster may come like these and those happen most of the time. Take those normally because you were just depending on others mercy. Those were their platforms and they can change their policies as their wish.

And you have nothing to do in this case. But does that mean you will not try to earn money from those platforms?

No, I will tell you will surely try in your every day life to earn some money from where it is possible and you will surely try them.

But what I am suggesting you is that you must make your own platform to try to  run your business forever and it is only possible when you will build your own website by taking Custom Domain ( and Hosting.

By taking your own custom domain and hosting what you can do?

Okay, you can do the following:

  • Start blogging by creating a blog site for helping people and doing profitable online business honestly. (my favourite)
  • Start and eCommerce website to sell your products like clothing, groceries online.
  • Start a dropshipping business.


So, how can you monetize your websites and start a high profitable business online as a kid?

Okay, here are the answers part by part. I am explaining you below and hope you understand.

So, if you have a blog website like me here then you have huge opportunity to earn money from here.

You can earn money in the following ways.

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An eCommece business is very profitable if you want to sell your own products online. It can be clothing or fashion items, makeup items or beauty products. As a kid you can sell your favourite toy collection in your website by creating a toy store.


Yes most of the smart kid are doing that. Do you know how?


They are just playing with attractive toys, then making a video of their play time and uploading the videos on youtube.


Then in the youtube video description they are just giving the links of their website so that any body can go to their websites and can buy the toy product from their toy store online.


Isn’t that so cool!


Dropshipping is highly profitable and it will save you from the hassle of keeping products in your house and shipping it to the customers manually by yourself what you generally do in traditional eCommerce business online. 


That means you can buy a product in low cost from it’s supplier and  you can sell the product in your website with high price by keeping your profit. 


The interesting fact here is that you don’t have to keep product at your house rather you can do this business using just your email and website. 


You will get buying request in your website, then you will buy the product in low cost from the supplier and you will sell the product using your website to your customer with high price. 


It’s so profitable and most of the teen are making five figure starting this dropshipping busness. 


You can do this too by creating a Shopify or WordPress website easily. 


Gymshark is a million dollar website that is based on this business model on Shopify website builder. A teen just started this business with his friends in gym and now they selling gym related clothing products in their website and earning millions of dollars.


So, do you think it is very easy to create a website using a custom domain and hosing?


Yes, it’s easy but you have to consider the following things.


You have to choose the best domain and hosting service provider in your budget. Then you have to create your website step by step. 


From my point of view if you want to build a blog webiste like me then choosing WordPress software for website will be better for you because you will get so many customization option here letter which will be helpful for your blog website ranking on Google later using few white hat SEO techniques. (I will discuss about SEO later no need to think about it now)


What is important for you now is to buy a custom domain and hosting and set up your website there.


Before buying domain and hosting just check your domain name that means website address is available or not. Just go to and check if the name you have decided in you mind is available or not. It will also help you to find out if you want to check and create your website’s business account in social media like facebook, twitter, pinterest later.


I will suggest you choose a domain name that is related with the search suggestions or result in google. Because, it will help you a lot later to show your webite on the top of Google search.

Also read: Best Web Hosting Comparison for Beginners to start a small business online.

Be professional. Try to open your own online business smartly and I am here to help you. Feel free to ask me any related questions.



Until now, what I was discussing with you is the ways of earning money online. There are so many other ways those I will discuss with you later. So, keep connected by subscribing the bell icon you see in the bottom left icon. You will get the updates or new earning methods like these.

Feel free to ask me questions in comments if you have. I love you so much 🙂



Below what I have written is written for your parents. So, if possible tell your parents to read what I have written here. Perhaps it may change there outlook or attitude about you. Perhaps it may bring value to your life from your parents’ side. I think this writing will give you insights too about so many other ways to earn money as a kid.

Kids will make money this idea is quite acceptable, especially when kids have developed with their entrepreneurial spirits. The benefit of getting kids involved to make money is huge. Even it will helpful at their young age. If they start to make money from a very early age and continue, their creativity can help them to Increase skills, and learn how to manage money. They will fluent in their work. They also can solve problem intellectually. To achieve this at first we have to teach them money doesn’t grow on a tree that money needs to be earned. Maximum kids have no idea where the money actually comes because they grow up by seeing their guardian activity of using credit card or cash out. Talk to them about the work system and how money comes. Teach them to self-dependent from a very early age. There are some ideas on how to make money a kid. We are here to provide some ideas for kids to make money.

1. Collation stand:

It is a very classic idea and it will be favourite for your young kids. It becomes more fruitful in high traffic area. Their kids can sell lemonade, cookies, cakes, really, or other items. This is a fun option for them and in addition, they can make money. It also helps the child to learn math and how to serve the customer.

2. Sell out unused thing:

A child can earn some money by selling their unused toys and clothes. It also helps to preen your house and make some money for them. From the very beginning like  Sorting, organizing and then selling can be a fun journey for them. Form here they can learn how to describe things to the customers. They selling their used things so they know very well those things quality and it helps them describe easily to their customers.

3. Payable work at home:

Chores are one of the ways to make money for the kids but sometimes it wouldn’t enjoyable and funny. Normally kids do not get money at home for all chores. We expected some basic work from then like the will keep their rooms clean and pick up after themselves. But when they want to earn some extra money for this we will give them extra chores. The chores like nursing and watering flowers, cleaning the house and sweeping floors, cleaning and organising the garage, Managing table before eating and many more works.

4. Aider of people:

It is not a bad idea to tell neighbours that you would like to be their helping hand and for this, you have to pay some money. You may offer to help with grass-cutting, leaf-raking. You also can pull weeds, water lawns, or clean up the yard by picking up branches during the spring season. Wash the car of the neighbourhood is also a good job for earning money. 

Pet caring service:

To feed, watch and take care of the pets like dog, cats or other. To do this work you have to be responsible. If you are responsible and like to pass time with a pet then you might offer people to care for their pets. Undoubtedly it will be enjoyable work for you and you also make money from here. Pet lover must not miss this opportunity. It is the best option for them.

5. Online services:

Now we are in the digital age and we can make money through the internet. Kids also make money from it. The ways of making money that kids can do easily in online are expanding day by day. But we have to aware them more use of the internet. Fiverr, though it’s need requirement of age. There are some categories like graphic design, writing and ‘fun’. Design is most wanted on Fiverr. If any child has a creative mind of design, they could earn more money on Fiver. Love and attraction of game are also beneficial for earning money on Fiverr. It has a massive sector which is based on gaming. The game sector is very popular with teenagers. 

Kids can use their parents Etsy account with their permission. Creative kids can craft away and can make a product then sell those items for cash to the craft lovers in the marketplace of Etsy. Jewellery, prints, blankets, handmade kids clothes,  toys or pet, clothes of pet, stickers and many more item.

6. Creating an app and video:

Making a new app is a great idea for all time. It is easier for the creative and those have to get it onto iTunes or Google Play. Just take some time learning some technique and program language and then use your brain. It is possible to make huge money by making program. To make a video is another way to make money. At first, you have to create a channel on YouTube then make some video where include information or fun. After that upload those on YouTube channel. As much as your videos get watched, you will earn from that. You will also earn a small income from the ads which play at the beginning of your video. It will take some time to make more follower and viewer make money. To get the money you have to patient and upload quality videos. Viewers will come automatically if videos have good quality. 

7. Occasional work:

This type of work opportunity takes time to get like wrapping Christmas gifts or hang Christmas light. Doing some work in a big party or event also a way to earn money. The work would be helping to clean tables and dishes. Take care of the house and other necessary things on the side people when they are outside of their house. 

8. Writing :

Starting own blog is a good idea if you like to write. It is not easy to make money from a blog. It needs hard work. Start a blog and choose a nice topic you like. From ads, sponsors, or selling of own products help to get money. Write a book or an eBook is also a great idea. If the books are popular and acceptable to people, It is possible to make money by selling those.


9. Teach and Instruct : 

If the kid is good at reading, writing, drawing, or Knowledge in science, math, or other subjects he could easily teach others who have lacked in those subject. Some kid who like to use a computer and different function. They may teach older people who often have trouble learning basic computer.

10. Other services:

Sell milk of goats or cows can help to make money.  For this at first need a big amount of money. So kids need the help of their parents. Later they have to pay. Trim hooves of small animals also help to make some money. Fruit or vegetables picking form farms and re-sell the items for a higher price. To be a laundry helper like a wash, dry, fold, and iron clothes for a busy person could help to make money. Some people have their work but sometimes they need simple and easy help to assist. Kids easily assist them and earn some money.

One kid is different from others in skills and abilities. Each kid has his own choice which he likes to do and enjoy. So we have to keep priority in their choice and help if they need. Let them work freely. Some of the jobs are parental involvement. online jobs need an adult person account. Then parent should open an account and allow them to use. Some jobs need investment. All of those help to teach your kid business skills.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to earn money as a kid in winter?

“You can earn money as a kid in winter by staying home and writing blog post using the techniques I have discussed above. You can sell firewoods to your neighbours too. But for this before winter you have to collect dry wood and make a stock to sell it later during winter season.”

How to earn money as a kid at home?

“To earn money as a kid at home you have to learn money-earning methods online those I have discussed above. You have to get skills like blog writing, coding, graphic designing, Search Engine Optimisation or Social Media Management. Yes, these are the best ways for a kid which they can apply from home to earn money from home. Survey sites are one of the great options too. I have discussed all the techniques above easily so that you can understand and implement the method to earn money as early as possible.”

Can you get a job at a 12 or 13 years old?

Honestly to say, you can not get a quality job offline in a traditional supermarket but online you can get huge amount of job. But for this you need to get some skill at first. You have to invest time at first, yes it can be at least 3 months to learn a skill and then you can get an online jobs from popular online platform especially from Fiverr.

Now listen what you have to do is to choose a skill where you are flexible. The list of skills those you can gain easily according to your age are given below.

  • Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Social Media Management.
  • Graphic Design
  • Coding.

According to me, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation or coding will be a best skill for you to achive. What you have to do is to learn this skill from online and apply this skill to your free Google Blogspot website. Then you have to rank this website using a keyword or topic that people searching on Google. 

If you can ranak any website using a keyword or topic like this then you can get a job as an SEO expert from Fiverr easily. And thats the way of earning money from online as an SEO expert. I will teach you later in another blog post how you can rank a website easily step by step on Google top.

Take the the example of Umer Qureshi, the founder of Guide Blogging. This indian boy was only 12 years old when he launched his first website.

Umer Gained his Blogging Success only at 13.
Source: Guide Blogging

And now with his SEO knowledge he is earning huge amount of money through his website using the method of Affiliate Marketing. So, he earned huge money only at 13.

I think you got the point. Now what is your duty is to learn the basics of SEO from a little bit of Google search and then apply the skill to earn some money by creating your own website or using the popular freelancing platform like Fiver, Upwork or PeoplePerHour showing the portfolio of your SEO skills.

Even, if you can rank only one keyword or Google search topic then it will be your portfolio to show a client. And using this portfolio you can earn a huge amount of money.

You may be a 12-year-old kid but that doesn’t matter at all. What matters actually what you can serve.

For now to get the basic skill in SEO you may follow these two websites one is Brian Dean’s Backlinko and another is Neil Patel’s Blog.

I hope this will logically help you a lot to earn money as 12 years old kid. I really didn’t want to answer you with a gobbledegook process as others are doing to confuse you. So, I have tried my best to give you the right answer to earn money as a kid.

If you really like my information and trust in my authenticity, then, don’t forget to hit the bell icon on the left side of this post. This means you are allowing me to send you new updated information about money earning as soon as I post about a new technique.

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