How to Make Money as a Teenager

How to earn money as a teenager
how can i earn money as a teenager

So, you are a teenager and you want to earn more money as a teenager. So today I will tell you some secrets to earn more money as a teenager.


If you need money urgently then I will tell you the name of Swagbucks ‍at first. It is actually a website of rewards which gives you money for browsing offers, watching videos and by playing short online games.  It is a search engine and here you will get a legitimate way to get some money online. There is a full chance that you will earn pocket money from here monthly if you be an active user and complete the surveys and offers to according to your full potential. It is totally safe to use and you will get a safe income from this site. I have spent more than three hours in Swagbucks and as an active user, I have achieved gift vouchers as well as cash for my regular activities there. You can get your money through your PayPal account or you can use gift cards to buy from your favourite stores such as Amazon, Walmart or Starbucks.


So how much money can you earn in Swagbucks?

Practically, you can earn $5 per day in Swagbucks. Most of the user makes $90 dollar per month in Swagbucks and reports show that some people earn more than $1000 in a year there. And these are possible just by watching videos there! Even now people are making it and you can make there too. What you need only just your free time and perseverance. Sometimes by playing 2 games in swagbucks you earn two SB points and you may think it as time-consuming but the trick is that you don’t need to finish the games. You may jump one after another without finishing it. 


How much does Swagbucks pay per survey?

It depends on each online survey. Here different survey has different payouts. Sometimes you will find a single survey is paying you $50. Most of them pay you less money but they will take you less time too. Here you will find a coin that is SB. 100 SB points = 1 dollar. From each survey at least you can gain SB points ranging from 40 to 200. You will get much more earning opportunities based on different occasions and festivals. You should know that each Swagbucks is 1 cent US dollar worth. So, as a rule of thumb 100 Swagbucks is $1. You may withdraw the money with your PayPal but to withdraw using PayPal you need 2500 Swagbuck points at least.


Has anyone used Swagbucks and has it enough proof?

Swagbucks is one of the popular websites which has paid over 300 dollars as rewards. One thing I can not but mention that it is totally free to join.


I guess you have joined Swagbucks now and are making money as a beginner moneymaker. You can earn a handsome amount of money from Swagbucks but I will tell you that it should not be the only choice for you. After joining to Swagbuck you should join to InboxDollars to make extra money online from home as a beginner moneymaker. It is a funny simple way to earn money because there you have to read some paid little emails to make money. You may also attend short surveys and can play online games. You may search for your favourite brands to get informed about their latest products. And all these activities will hoard money for you!


InboxDollars is not a scam and it really works:

You may not be another Bill Gates by overnight but it is a legit money-making a way that will give you some extra pocket money as a teenager. 


So, how much money can you make from InboxDollars?

When you take surveys, you will earn ranging from .50 dollars to 10 dollars. You will make the money by sharing your opinions on surveys. The surveys will be emailed to you. Your opinions will be posted on their website on a daily basis. In four or five weeks you will be able to earn at least  30 dollars. But for this, you have to actively watch their videos, do web browsing or read the emails. 


Okay, now the hottest money-making method for you! After joining InboxDollars by completing their tasks you have enough time to join in another survey website. And now you can join to Respondent. Here you can really make $140/hour by responding simple survey-related questions. You have to attend research interviews in  respondent io. In this research interviews, they will ask you a few questions and you have to answer those according to your wish. It will be better here if you choose a skill or topic previously that you know better. For example, if you are an asthma patient then they will ask you a few questions about your symptoms regarding asthma. So in such a way by attending research interviews you can earn bucks!


No need to type the addresses. All the addresses are given below for your ease. Choose your favourite one and be the beginner moneymaker. Let me know through a comment which one is your most favourite one and best suited to you. Share your journey with us as a Beginner Moneymaker!


  1.  Swagbucks
  2. InboxDollars
  3. Respondent


I will tell you it is better to give a try than to be a lazy TV watcher. That’s all for today. Have a nice day!


Disclosure: The post you are reading here there may be affiliate links that means I may get little commission from here. But I want to be honest with you always and that’s why I am disclosing this with you. But the suggestions those I have given here those are 100% working and I am getting benefitted by doing those. I have suggested to you so that you can be successful like me too. I share the products and services with you only what I use and love. You may see my affiliate disclosure here. To be a successful Beginner Moneymaker and to know the recent 100% working money-making methods stay with me. I update the newest money-making strategies on a regular basis. Thank you.


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