How to Make Money from Twitch by Playing Games

how to make money from twitch
Make money from Twitch by playing Video Games

So, you love to play video games and now you just want to earn some money with your playing skill and here will help you most to fulfil your desire in earning money. Millions of gamers are using Twitch and they are a good watcher of the other players’ games too. So, you may help the beginner players of a certain game by revealing tips and tricks by playing a certain game you like. You will play the live game and broadcast using Twitch streaming platform and your followers will see your game playing and listen to your commentary during playtime and you will get huge followers and monetize them through subscription, sponsors’ products and donations. And that is the basic idea of earning money using the Twitch platform. But, the question is how can you earn tons of money from there. Ok, here I will discuss with you the most effective work path step by step that you can follow to enrich your Twitch account to get a huge amount of earning from there.

How to Make Money from Twitch
Twitch online app to make money



You need to spend 7 to 8 hours per day based on five days a week. Yes, it’s like one type of office schedule and if you can follow this tight schedule with proper strategies only then you can get the success. Otherwise, all the time and money that you will spend there previously will be worthless. Yes, you have read it properly you may need to invest some money at first on audio recording and video taking equipment to get success from the beginning. Ok, you no need to invest the money if you are enough talented to gather audience through your speaking style, even a medium video resolution given mobile device or screen recording software can work for you then.

Okay, enough talk lets jump over there to get some real strategies.

Game niche for Twitch
Choosing Effective Game Niche for Twitch


1.Choosing Game Niche:

At first, choose a special type of game and check you are feeling free or not to play that game all day long.

2. Research Twitch Market Place:

Go to and see your competitor how they are promoting their channel there. Follow the first 10 channel and see what they are doing they are. Think, can you build a different style than them or can you create a different persona of you there? Find out what they have lack and what you have unique that others are not serving. Try to prove yourself different and make a plan from the beginning of how your broadcasting will be day by day. Make a schedule or plan work according to that. It’s not like that you will go, you will see and you will conquer there like historical Alexander The Great rather you have to make a concrete plan in pen and paper at first and then work accordingly to win the Competition War here. According to Sun Ju, a great war scholar, “Every fight is won before it’s fought”. So, do successful market research where you are going to sell and then make the plan and continuously work thoroughly and consistently.

3. Before joining Twitch Make followers in other platforms:

Yes, I say this to all before that before joining yourself to you should make strong niche related follower base in other online community platforms like Youtube, Tiktok or even doing gaming blogging. Yes, you have to build your community their at first to be successful from the beginning. Because you can not expect that if you start to play there then from the first day you will gain huge followers and subscribers. You must have to build your community from very early and when you will get a huge amount of followers in another sector only then you can join and convert your previously gained followers to Twitch community and in such a way you will get the huge following from the beginning of your niche related in Twitch. You have to keep in mind that truth “Nature gives oil to only that person who has already oil in his head. If you have nothing nature will give you nothing.” That means ‘nothing comes out of nothing.’ So, at first, take time and try to build your community in other online platforms which easier to build a niche-based community. Later in other writing, I will tell you about the building of a successful niche-based community so stay tuned with me. If you will follow my this strategy that I have discussed above then you get followers to burst in twitch platform and Twitch will promote your content too with the highest interest.

Streaming games on Twitch
Before Live streaming on Twitch make followers from other social platforms.


4. Monetization in Twitch:

Okay, now you have a huge following in Twitch and you should be strategic to monetize it in so many possible ways. You must be creative here because monetization of something is great art.

If I tell you honestly, then I will tell you I didn’t like the Twitch idea at all because I don’t love to stream all day. It seemed to me like one kind of digital savagery not less than a cam model but if you like to play games and no problem to stream all day then you can see the full monetization method of Twitch here from their official site.

Streaming slavery and Twitch
Sometimes live streaming all day can seem to you digital slavery

So, that’s for today share your Twitch experience in the comment if you have already joined there. Bye for now 🙂

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