How to make money on Fiverr online market place?

To make money on Fiverr online market place you have to apply the following marketing strategies effectively.


  • Very Good Professional and Natural Looking Profile.
  • Excellent Gig with images.
  • Provide Perfect Buyer Request Reply.
  • Gig Correction or Again Creation.
  • Gig Sharing on Facebook.
  • Gig Sharing on LinkedIn.
  • Twitter Gig Sharing.
  • Instagram Gig Marketing.
  • Gig Promotion using Youtube.


Fiverr Earning Tips. #1


If your Fiverr Gig fails to gain clients, then,

  1. Wait for 10-12 days.
  2. Then completely Delete that Gig.
  3. Create a completely new Gig.
  4. Don’t use previous Gig’s images, writings in new Gig.


Fiverr Earning Tips. #2


To Edit a Fiverr Gig,

  1. At first, Pause 
  2. Then, going to the Paused tab edit that.


Fiverr Earning Tips. #3


To get client Share the Gig,

1.On Facebook USA Buy Sell Group

2.On Facebook Amazon FBA Group


Fiverr Earning Tips. #4


Gig Marketing on Facebook Method 1,

  1. Download your Gig banner
  2. Copy Gig’s Sharing Link from Active Gig-> Gig Share->Copy Link
  3. Now, Go to FB Group.
  4. On the post, upload photo and link.
  5. Write two or three lines about your skills.
  6. Post it.


NB: In Buy Sell Groups there are generally businessmen who will be your client.


Fiverr Earning Tips. #5


Gig Marketing on Facebook Method 2,

  1. Create a Facebook page yourself.
  2. With “your name + Digital Marketing Solution”.
  3. Now, do the gig promotion posts on your page.
  4. And now only share each post from your page to different Buy and Sell / Amazon FBA Facebook groups.


Hope this helps! Ask me in comments if you have more inquiry.

Happy Online Money Making Journey 🙂

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