How to Make Money on the Side- The only 2 methods those are WORKING in 2020 without any investment!

How to make money on the side

There are so many ways to make money on the side. You can do your day to day job and besides your job, you can do some side hustle. Here I will describe with you about those work that I prefer to do so much and I have seen others do in their real-life (based on my online and community research).
So let’s jump over there.


There is no alternative to this when it comes the question of time and money. Here you can use your free time and write information-based articles for people. If you can create a niche-based community through blogging then you have huge potential to earn money here which will be your passive income. But the first and foremost thing you need is to be a lover of writing. If you don’t love to write and if you have no feeling for it then you will s**k here.

Man Makes Money on the Side through blogging

Work path: Choose a niche you love to write. (For me its “Money Making”) → Go to an SEO tool like Ahref, SEMrush or Google Keyword planner (Freemium) → Write your “topic name” there → Get Keywords or phrases related to your niche → Choose the least competitive phrases → Write blog posts according to your chosen keywords or topic. → Write at least 50 blog posts and keep those on your Google Drive using Google docs. → Now create web address name keeping relation with your niche and buy the address as a domain. → Now buy a web hosting based on trusted web hosting company → Set up your domain and web hosting. → Download WordPress CMS from and set up WordPress CMS to your website. → After setting up your website go to your website dashboard and keep posting your 50 articles one day after another. Don’t post all at the same time. It will give you a negative impact. → After posting all 50 articles be social now. Creat special social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for your blog. → At first, share valuable images there daily at a certain time and grow your audience. Take time to grow the audience. Don’t be impatient. → Then share your blog post their strategically. Post 5 valuable post or picture there then post you blog post link there. Don’t post only your blog post link there. Follow “Five One” strategy that means after posting five without link post, post your blog post’s link. Keep in mind different social media has different promotion strategies and I will cover this later with you. So, stay tuned with me. → In such a way if you continue new daily then you will get huge visitors to your blog. → Now it’s time for monetization. → If you get at least 500 unique visitors daily to your blog then now apply for Google Adsense → After getting approved by the Adsense keep continue to post niche based articles daily that provides value to your audience’s life. → Now if you find 600 unique visitors daily then I will tell you to go for affiliate marketing through your blog because it will give you 10 times more profit than any CPC based ad network like Google Adsense, Adchoice, Taboola etc. → Find out your niche based affiliate network by searching on Google and join with them. → Only choose an affiliate product that you have used and has huge trustworthiness (Research loyalty before you choose any product) → Now share about your chosen products link inside your blogpost logically. Use link shortener and link cloaking technique to share affiliate links if you want to keep your CPC ad network like Google Adsense to your blog site otherwise, you can get a negative impact there. Because previously affiliate marketing had a bad reputation for spammy contents. So, if you market the product honestly through your blog post then there is no problem now. → So, in such a way if you get at least a 1% conversion rate then I will tell you a successful blogger. → You can get withdraw you blogging monetization money directly to your bank account or PayPal account easily.

Woman making plan to Make Money on the Side through Blogging
An imaginary woman is gathering ideas through reading books and other sources to write a successful blog post to Make Money on the Side through Blogging.

Just keep continuing your blogging and always be honest to your audience. It will give you the highest success with time. What you need to be always is, to be honest to your audience, always be consistent with your writing work, be active in social media posting strategically. Success will run after you.

2. Video Making:

My second priority of making money on the side is to create valuable information based video content. Just buy a DSLR or use your smartphone to make videos that give value to people’s life. Choose a niche and create videos on that. You may take the interview of the successful people and create videos with just a normal video editing app. I will tell you don’t just rely on youtube but go to other video content related social platforms. I will tell you to join TikTok or now even Facebook. They are giving you huge money earning facilities to their video creator. Even you can create tutorial videos on specific subjects and sell on, or in and with your utter surprise, you will see that you are earning huge amount of money from there. It doesn’t mean that you have to take your face always. You can go to a person who is skilled in creating products using cloth. For example, you can go to a tailor, then take videos of how he is professionally making cloths. Then make a total tutorial on making cloth by taking his videos and sell on Udemy or other platforms. Give some money to that tailor at first by hiring him or make a contact that you will give 30% of the money you will earn from these videos. He will surely love to join with you. Make some other partnership plan like this creat videos and earn money.

Taking videos with moblile phone to create videos to make money on the Sideon
Creating or taking videos with a mobile phone to make money on the Side

My most favourite work plan, in this case, is given below.

Work Path: At first, learn on a special subject from online that has huge demand. (Sometimes, I invest money on paid course to learn professionally.) → After learning, make 50 valuable videos as tutorials on that topic. (It can be a Graphic Design Couse.) → Upload first 10 videos on youtube. → Upload a total of 50 videos on Udemy or Skillshare and make it a paid course. → Share your paid course link to your youtube channel’s description. → Promote your youtube videos strategically on social media, niche related forums and groups. → Earn money in such a way through your video contents.

Pro tip: Just use a Screen Recorder app in your PC or Smartphone if you don’t have any DSLR to create videos. Just try to give people the value they are searching for and they will give value too in return.

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