How to Make Money Online Instagram

How to make money online Instagram

To make money from Instagram you need niche-based followers. So, if you have a huge amount of specific niche based audience then you can earn huge amount of money.

Follower count doesn’t matter here really. Even a small amount of followers in a niche based Instagram profile (5k) can earn a huge amount of money that a 100K follower based Instagram account. Because for you what is important is the conversion. If you own an Instagram account and it’s constantly posting on sometimes food, sometimes beauty, sometimes fitness, sometimes landscape pictures then it can not give you huge conversion. On the other hand, if you have an Instagram account and you have specified your niche on beauty or pet then it’s obvious that you will earn huge money from there. Conversion means the number of your followers or visitors that are going to be the buyers at last. Because the niche related sponsor can find your Instagram valuable and the will contact with you to post their ad in your Instagram profile and in such a way you can get a handsome amount of money from them it may happen that sometimes you may get $500 for only a single post. Your Instagram account should not be multi niche-based but single niche-based to earn money from here. If you don’t have a single niche-based Instagram profile then make one and start growing schedule post and niche-based valuable and attractive images.

So, in such a way you can get sponsored ad for your Instagram account and earn money. But don’t overlook your own product too to sell on Instagram. For example, you have created your own beauty product which may be Natural Face Pack or in your own formula made Suntan Lotion. And now you can sell these products through your own niche based Instagram account.

But, above all, quality is a must. You should keep the quality of your Instagram profile and you should not post your product image there. You should post every time 5 post which will not be your product-related. After posting non-product related quality post, you can post your 1 product-related post. Make a chronological schedule to post those post strategically but not at a time. Make some research when your audiences are most active and then post. Always be strategic. Don’t try to sell your product but try to add some value in people’s lives and then they will surely buy from you. You have to understand that people do not love to buy and they love to get an offer. So, you have to present your product in front of them as a sweet offer that will add value to their lives and ultimately they will surely buy from you.

Through Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn money using Instagram. You can keep your shorten version of affiliate URL in your Instagram profile and by clicking there if anyone goes to that affiliated website and buy the product then you can earn a handsome amount of money. Doug the Pug is a great example of this type of making money style using Instagram. If you go to their Instagram profile then you will find that they have used a shortened link on their Instagram profile

and if you click on this shorten link then it will take you to and there you will find all the affiliate product link as a list. Now if you click on any link like DOG TOYS or BOOK then it will take you to the Amazon where they are selling their own product or other dog related products which are giving them huge commission.

So, here they are using Linktree to make a single link and from that single link, they are redirecting there followers to various affiliate links they have made before. So, in such a way you can do with your Instagram account too but what you need is to grow niche-based followers at first. Linktree is a freemium tool that helps you to build many different links through one link and also helps you to show click analytics and collecting your audiences’ email addresses.

Photography Service Selling:

If you are a good photographer then Instagram can work as your portfolio and you can earn money by getting so many photography clients using Instagram. Professional headshot client will give you a boost if you can use your Instagram profile strategically. Do some free work for people by taking their picture and use those pictures in your Instagram profile as your past work or portfolio to get newer clients. See some examples of the photographers who are using their Instagram profile as their portfolio and earning money.

Not only that you can connect your Shutterstock, 500px, Pixabay or Twenty20 account to Instagram profile through Linktree that I have discussed before and earn money by selling your photography licensing.

Catchy facts:

You can earn $700 to $900 for the per post if your Instagram profile has at least 100000 followers. Even it’s possible to earn 2000-3000 dollars per post if you have 500000 followers.

Points you must know:

  • You need at least 5000 Instagram followers if you want to join with a brand.
  • To get verified on Instagram or to get blue tick your profile must be public with a professional bio and a real photo of you with at least one post. They verify the profile such as @catmeme
  • You can follow 7500 people highest from your Instagram profile.
  • As a beginner, you can earn $10 from the brand for per 1000 followers to post their sponsored post.

Fun Facts:

# Kylie Jenner earns 1.2 million dollars for his per sponsored posts.

# Ariana Grande gets 966 thousand dollars for the per sponsored post she posts on her Instagram post.

# With a huge following of 177 million, Cristiano Ronaldo earns 975 thousand dollars for his per sponsored post on his Instagram profile.

So now the most important thing…

How to grow your Instagram followers?

i) Niche target work:

Generally, people like to follow the same niche pictures. So, if you have a ‘Money Making’ niche-based Instagram profile then what you can do is to search the other same niche-based Instagram profiles. Now you can find their recent photos and videos and see which people recently liked their pictures. Now what you have to do is to follow those people with your Instagram account and they will like your niche related photos later when you are posting on Instagram profile. You will get a huge amount of active followers in such a way because the people who like pictures and videos like these, they are mostly the active users of Instagram.

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