How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

If you want to make money online without paying anything and if you are a beginner who has no money to invest online at first, then, here I am to show you the proven formula to make money online without zero invest but with a little bit of free time and work.

What you need are just a smartphone or a laptop and an internet connection.

I should mention that this is a slow process and at first it may seem to you very boring. But if you can be consistent with your work then you will find it so much rewarding.

You can earn money later in three ways following this method. Those are:

1. Google Adsense

2. Getting Sponsor

3. Working as a Social Media Manager for the business.

So, What you have to do is to create a European girl Facebook account. No problem your country girl picture will work fine too. The profile picture and the cover should be appealing but not vulgar. Try to keep the profile as real as possible with filling up a bio, interest, mobile number etc. Try to post at least 10 pictures in 5 days of the same girl to make the profile real. Don’t do more than 5 activities each day. Otherwise, you may lose it. Now keep the profile at least 10 days without doing anything.

After 10 days, you will find that so many people have sent you friend requests. Accept five people for each day. Not all people in a day. Post another beautiful image of a girl (same girl’s picture would be better no problem if you don’t get the same now). Now keep posting three beautiful images per day at different time. Keep posting like this now per day and grow your friends and followers.

After 20 days, Create a Facebook page of an imaginary public figure with all imaginary details. Obviously, this page will be the page of an imaginary female public figure. Only upload a nice, appealing profile picture with an attractive, appealing cover page. Now on the right side of your page, you will find a box where it is written that “Suggest the page to your friends. You will go there and suggest all your friends one by one to like your page. Yes, the real game is here. Most of the people in your friend list will like the page you have created. So, in such a way you will get a huge following for your page later. After 3 hours post another appealing picture of a girl. Now, don’t do anything and keep waiting for 10 days for your page without doing any activities. But you can keep posting 3 times a day to your profile to grow more friends and followers daily.

Now, again after 10 days, come to your Facebook page and keep posting daily 3 times a day. Now, these time you should start posting attractive pictures of the popular celebrity actresses of Hollywood. In the status of the pictures, you should write their names too with attractive titles or headlines. For example, if the celebrity picture is Emma Watson’s then you should write “Emma Watson is 29 years now… and a long time has passed after her Harry Potter Series as a kid actress…” or you have to write something like this. Now keep posing in such a way for one month and grow your audience.

After one month you will get huge followers on your page. To increase your followers you can do some live streaming on your page by taking some celebrity videos on the net. (To know how to live stream on your page using other videos, put a comment below. I will share with you later in another post).

Now what you have to do is to create a Facebook Group using your Facebook page and then invite your Facebook page likers to join your group. Now, keep posting appealing images in your Facebook Group is like the previous method I have discusses above. Keep growing your Facebook Group too.

So, you have to continuously post to your Facebook profile, Facebook page and Facebook group daily three times. And 3 + 3 + 3 = 9. That means these 9 contents should be different but appealing.

Now, one thing I should remind you that the Facebook profile you have created it may not your real profile. So, what you must do now is to be one of the Admins of this Facebook Page and Group from your real profile. So, if the created id gets removed then the Facebook page and the Facebook group will not be removed. You can get access to those assets from your real id.

So, you are continuously getting a vast following in your created Facebook Profile, Page and Group. Now what you have to do is to create a Google Blogspot account for free.

Blogspot will give you an opportunity to create a free website with a ‘blogspot’ extension there and what you have to do is to write articles there about what celebrity actresses and share your article on your Facebook profile, Page and Group. In such a way you will get huge visitors in your free website and can monetize with your website with Google Adsense. If so many visitors go to the website then sometimes you can get a message from Google to monetize your Blogspot website and earn money. Later if you can I will tell you to move your website to the self-hosting website because you will get huge facilities there. If you are interested then put a comment below to know more about self-hosting website what I will cover for you later.

But one thing you should keep in mind that you should not write any copy and paste articles there. You should write the articles your own and be careful about using pictures. Just use copyright free pictures there or later if you wish to buy after earning money then you can buy quality pictures.

For pictures, one thing you can do is to add celebrity’s Instagram picture in an iframe which is very easier in (I will cover this later no need to be tensed now). Just keep in mind that you will not use any copyrighted picture.

Ok, another thing may come to your mind that where you will get the ideas of writing those articles regarding celebrities. I will tell you not to choose the topic from your mind but get suggestions from google about the topic idea. Because you should write something that people are searching or interested in, you should not write anything based on your emotional bias. Because your time and effort have so much value. So, what you can do? You can search a celebrity name on the Google search bar and see the search suggestion or “searches related to” below your search result. Now, take a topic such as “Emma Watson age” or “Emma Watson net worth” and start writing that topic to post on Blogspot.

In such a way, you can many topics freely to write about. But if you need a more effective topic to write your articles then you can use paid tools like Ahref or SEMrush to get more valuable topics those people are searching in their everyday life. But for now, I will tell you to take ideas from google search box because it is free of cost and as your visitors are directly coming from Facebook. Later, when you will earn enough money to take your own domain and hosting then you can think about Ahref or SEMrush.

Sometimes you may need to edit some pictures or putting titles or text on the picture. So, for that you can use Canva, a free online image editor. You will find there so many templates for use.

Until now, I was telling about your money-making endeavour from Google Adsense.

Now, I am telling about how you can earn from the Sponsor. Okay, you have created a huge follower base Facebook page and Group and continuously are working on it. Your page and group are about beautiful girls and about celebrities. You have a huge following. So, new model, actress or public figure may want to grow their facebook page or Instagram following. So, they will contact you so that they can get followers too when you share their pictures, Facebook page or Instagram profile to your Page or Group. In such a way, you will get money from them. Sometimes, you can search for Public figure who has less following in their the Page and you can offer you service to them to get paid.

Be careful, your all Facebook post will not be the promotional post or blog post. Keep in mind that later in 3 posts per day, you must give two picture posts that your audience really love and one promotional post. Don’t just post promotionally always. Try to retain your audience.

Okay, I hope you have followed all the steps I have discussed above and now you have a huge follower base in your Facebook Page, Facebook Group or even a profile whose net worth is so much in the dollar. Your Facebook Page and Group will now work as your portfolio. You have created a great Portfolio as a Social Media Manager now. You can show this to business people and can provide them with the service they need for their social media accounts. Your 3 months time proved very rewarding now. Now, you can go to Fiverr, Upwork or People Per Hour and sell your service as a Social Media Manager there and get a handsome living. Congrats!

If you think this is a long process and you have not enough time but enough money to invest then go to and hire a person in cheap to work for you. You will get the same result I have discussed above.

If you think my writing or this proven method will help you greatly, then, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Put a comment below if you have more questions.

I think you need this article again and again to follow the steps. So, you may bookmark this article or post the link of this article to your personal Facebook profile for later use. Let me know in a comment if this worked for you or not. Don’t forget to mention thanks if you think you got some valuable information 🙂

Happy journey! Cheers!!


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