Is Bounce Rate KILLING your website? – the Ultimate Guide to Solve.

Today I am going to discuss what is bounce rate, and what does it mean, and how does it affect your website’s performance and how do we avoid it.

Quick Tips:

  • Make your writing deeply informative, super clear and easy to read for visitors. 
  • Divide your content into logical segments. It will be comfortable to eyes and good for SEO too.
  • Write short sentences.  Try to use Simple sentences and always avoid Complex sentences.
  • In every paragraph, try to keep the maximum two or three sentences. What will happen if you meet with a giant wall of text suddenly? I am sure, you will take a deep breath to read or run away!
  • Write as if you are talking with the visitor face to face. Focus on storytelling. See an example of good storytelling.
  • Try to use bullet points or numbered list frequently. Those make the writing more comprehensible.
  • Use images to break up your contents into chunks.  It will remove readers boredom.
  • Use Lazy Loader plugin to load images one by one during the scroll. It will make your website loading speed faster.
  • Best Practice is to use Videos, Slideshows, Gif, Compressed Infographics or other multimedia on logical sections of your blog post. It will keep your readers busy on your page to stay a long time.

How to reduce the website’s bounce rate is mostly asked by the website owners at present.


They really don’t know the science behind it.


But they must know the secrets to avoid it.


What is a bounce rate on the website?


It indicates the amount of visitor s who came to your site but left rapidly without reading your full content.


It is found that the average bounce rate is 41% to 51%. But it varies based on website genre.


You are in a safe zone if it is in 10% to 35%.


If your bounce rate is over 70%, then, you are in a danger zone.


High bounce rate often decreases your website’s ranking on Google Search Result Page.


That means you will lose visitors for your site.


You can check your bounce rate by connecting your website with Google Analytics.


Why is your bounce rate so high?


Basically, if you keep so many illogical images in your website then bounce rate will be so high. Because visitors will be confused by those images


Your bounce rate is so high on Google analytics because you are not maintaining the following rules.

1. Increasing the readability of the content.

You have to use enough space in your writing. You should use shorter paragraphs

Every paragraph will contain the highest 2 or 3 lines. Then it will be eye-soothing for reading.

2. Improving the storytelling of the writing.

You are here at this site to know about the bad effects of the bounce rate. You want to overcome it.

So, you are asking for some suggestion from me. And I am Mahmudur Ashik going to provide you with some tips that I use to maintain this website.

I am going to provide you with the real secret of bit the bounce rate and all you have to do is to follow my instructions as I am an Industrially Specialist SEO Consultant.

So, that’s the thing if you really want to reduce the bounce rate of your website, then, you have to talk with your readers in a storytelling mood.

Write in such a way, you are talking with your client to make them understand the problem.

Make them understand: 

  • What is the Real Problem? (Topic)
  • Why they should care about it? (Bad Effects)
  • How they should solve it? (All Possible Solutions)
  • When they should care about it? (Discovery of the problems)
  • Where they should take the first step? (Solution Implementation)

So, I hope you have understood the secret behind the storytelling.

3.Using logical content according to blog


Your blog is about fashion and you have kept content regarding how to fix someone’s computer related problem.


Isn’t it humorous? So, just focus on your niche and niche related problems.


Don’t write about the topic that is useless for your blog or website. This will just drive useless traffic to your website.


And they will leave your page without staying a moment or reading by scrolling.


What can be more suicidal than that!


4. Using niche-based keywords.


Like before, I am telling again just do a niche based keyword research and only then write your contents.

Without doing niche-based keyword research your site is just going to die without any visitor. And even if the visitors come they will leave the site without getting the relevant content.

You have to understand the user’s search intent on Google. Why that user is searching using that special phrase on Google Search bar? 

If someone searches using “new fashionable shoes” then that means he or she just wants to buy a pair of shoes from an eCommerce site and google will show them eCommerce sites from where they can actually buy there desired shoes instantly.

Google will not show your blog site related to “how to wear a pair of shoes comfortably?”

Hope you got the point.

So, what I do in this case? As an SEO consultant, I just research on keywords and try to use the most relevant keywords in my blog post so that it can easily rank on Google top.

I set the keywords in my article according to their search intent. I just use keyword mapping to use the keywords in my content in the right way. 

I also use keywords template for the proper placement of keywords in my blog post.

One thing you have to keep in mind that Google is a software-based service. It just uses keywords and other parameters to give users the right content.

Processing thousands of a search result from thousands of websites is really a tough job for human beings or human workers.

So, Google uses special Artificial Intelligence to process this huge data. 


Write your article in such a way so that Google can find you easily. Help Google and google will help you too.

So, in such a way you can eliminate the bounce rate by using the right keywords according to user search intent and placing them rightly on your content.

Place your main keyword in the first 100 words of your article to get the best result.

5. Increasing the loading speed.

Okay, I searched with you websites name and I waited for your website loading even it takes 10 seconds to load!

I did that because I know about you before and I have so much trust on you.

But average visitors don’t know about you and even they don’t care about you.

What they need is just the solution to their problem as early as possible.


They will come to your using keywords in google search and then click on your site my reading your blog posts heading, meta description and domain name on Google Search Result Page.


Now if your site even takes average 3 minutes to load, then, trust me they will leave the site without loading for your site. And severe bounce rate you will face,

They have so many options! Why they will bother?


So, to solve this you can go to the Google website Page Speed test and check your website’s speed. They will suggest possible solutions to increase your site’s speed based on your site’s performance.


You can also go tho GTMetrix to find out about website loading speed insight.


To solve this loading speed problem of the website, my suggestion is to choose the best hosting provider to host your website.


98% of your website loading problem will be solved automatically and bounce rate will be in the least number too.


Avoid using all types of shared hosting. You will get harm mostly instead of your benefit!


6. Improving User Experience (UX) with a better design.

Sometimes it happens that I visit some sites and get confused. I don’t understand where should I click. 

Being confuse I leave the site and the website get bounce rate.

Don’t make this happen to your site. Design this with a UX designer at first so that your visitors do not get confused and at last leave it without touching call to action button.

7. Using related informative youtube videos in the middle of the content.

One of the great ideas I have found to reduce bounce rate is to embed so many related youtube video inside the content on a regular interval.


8.Using related eye-soothing images.

You need to use a lot of images inside your content. But the colour combination of the images is very important otherwise the users will feel irritated.

The best practice I think is to follow the templates of the Canva.

9. Using Infographics with valuable data.

Do you know why Pinterest is so popular? Because it showing the readers lots of information in a beautiful way that they really care about.

Try using beautifully designed Infographic in you every post. This will keep your visitor for a long time to your site.

People are craving after the information. Provide them. They will really give you the value in return.

It doesn’t take so much time to create infographics

You may use Canva or Infogram for making them online yourself.

Or you may go to Fiverr to hire a graphic designer in cheap for a professional-looking customizable infographic.


10. Adding a customer support chat bar in your site.

Did you even think about it before?

Yes, just integrate a chat bar like Tawk or Zap to reduce the bounce rate in your website.

The automated chatbot will give a premade message to the reader which can attract the reader to contact you. If the reader starts chatting then Viola!

That means you can keep the readers some more time that will reduce your bounce rate of the website.

11. Try to avoid popups often.

Do you know, what I find the most disgusting things in most the sites?

Yes, those are the useless popups. 

Don’t use popups if you don’t have valuable content for readers to download for free. Because it will never work or really work as a “PooPup” to screw your site by increasing the bounce rate.

All the readers are now very conscious now.

Or, if you really need to use that for email subscription, then, use it at the last of the scrolling when your reader will finish the reading of the content or try to leave your website.

Don’t just show the popup to get the email address. 90% time it doesn’t work at all.

Provide them with a downloadable valuable thing in pdf so that they can get them when they will provide you with their contact email address.

You can do this thing easily with MailChimp or other email service provider easily!

12. Use the Right Meta Description and Heading.

In your meta and headline, the visitor found something attractive to read about and that’s why he or she came to read in your site.

But when they came to visit your page, they found that your writing is so irrelevant and so much boring.

So, what they will do you think? they will surely leave your site and make you penalized by the Google for the bounce rate.

So, my suggestions, in this case, always try to write an effective headline or meta tag for your every blog post. Use a WordPress plugin called Yoast SEO to write your meta or headline effectively.

Or try to hire a freelancer fro Fiverr, Upwork or People Per Hour to do the job for you. It can take only $5 on Fiverr.

But, there is a problem there. Sometimes those freelancers are so inexperienced at first. You may have to teach them a lot of things. Sometimes, if you are lucky enough then you can get a perfect match for you!

So, if you feel an urgent need of an SEO Consultant then you may contact my experienced team too from the contact page. You will surely get the result, you really deserve.

We are happy to provide you with our friendly services!

13. Use the Right Picture for Featured image or Thumbnail:

You have given a cool sexy image of a girl wearing bikinis to gain traffic for your blog post or youtube videos.

Yes! You will get huge traffic really fast. Because, a human being is generally attracted to sex, food and danger.

They can’t resist the view of the sight and surely click on that.


But, after that, the problem you will face is a great amount of bounce rate on your website! 

Because the people you have attracted to your website are not the exact people who eager to read your content.

So, it’s a better practice to use the right and logical image to your blog post featured snippet or thumbnail.

Though it takes time, Honesty always gives the reward!

14. Typography and Website’s Background Colour:

Once I went to a website to visit. But, I ran away from there just taking my life!

Do you guess why? Yes, their typography was so horrible that I was unable to read the text properly. The background colour of the website was clashing with the text colour.

God saved me 🙂


Using a single font with variation is a better practice for your website. 

Match the colour harmony of the text and background too. 

Check the readability of your website online using WebFX.


Hope applying these all will save your website from possible bounce rate!

Have more questions in mind? Why are you not asking below! I will reach to you as soon as possible 🙂

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