How to Start a blog and make money

how to start a blog and make money
how to start a blog and make money from home easily

Blogging is a smart direction to make cash or earn a strong income. Experienced bloggers are amassing a big amount from the blog. You may begin a blog for amassing money if you’re passionate about writing then it is the nicest choice for you. The arena helps you to utilise your time with enjoy and also make cash which actually you want. If you are looking for a straightforward direction to start a blog. Ultimately from where you might bring money, then it is the perfect area from where you may learn and make cash. We are here to authorize you. Here we are delivering some easy point to initiate a blog.

Before commencing a blog you have to realize why you prefer to begin a blog. The advantage of beginning a blog has a wide region. Some advantage is given billow. Earn money from online is the main purpose of beginning a blog. A blog has several tools to earn money. Some are ads, products and service trade, approving other enterprises with affiliate marketing, and others. If you have a company and you want to gather large customers. Publish business-related content to blog. It is the favourable path. If you have a passion to write and express yourself as a writer then a blog is the nicest forum to enhance your writing skills. You can share your articles and create a community through your blogs besides it helps to bring money.


Steps of starting a Blog

1: Select a standard category

Before beginning the blog, select a sector on which you are going to write about. Probably you have thought a productive topic. Your subject will greatly important according to your content angle. It means what will your writing subject and what types of message or product you want to represent there. It may be a certain industry or about a certain area of skills. When it is a fact of creating a large audience, boosting traffic, and monetizing a blog. So you will pick up some outstanding sector which brings more guests. Try to get those sectors which bring large traffic that means which like or played by the aristocratic. You may try some popular product which always gets priority to all. If your readers will rich and have a prosperous income and there are a good number of advertisers that want to get large payment for their ads.

2: Take a Good Domain Name

Domain name takes a vital role in earning a prosperous income. The domain name is more important and gets demanding day by day. This is not a site of writing. It is possible to use a blog site as a communication. Build an own site you need to sign up by providing some document according to their instruction. The domain is the URL of the website. Think of it as the address for your business. You have to buy your domain from a domain registrar. This is the company which you buy for your blog. It doesn’t mean they host your site. They only host the domain and point web traffic. There are many sorts of new extensions. It will better for you to take the dot-com domain extension which is very popular among the people. If you can’t find it by normal searching then try to take from another domain auctioneer. If you are totally unable to find a dot-com domain, then you may take a different extension. Try to not go beyond three words. Two words domain extension is perfect. Quality domain cost high. Low range domains are also available but their quality is also low. Three words are your maximum when it is difficult to find perfect. Avoid irrelevant character. It may spam your site. Try to find a domain name with two words. It is better to use a keyword in your niche within the domain name if it is possible. It is not obligatorily.

3: Select a Hosting Account Provider

The third step to set up a blog is to select a hosting provider. There are many great hosting companies out there and the choice is completely up to you. Use Google or “best WordPress hosting accounts” to conduct. Web hosting provider is needed for every site. It helps stores your site on its servers and it will available for anyone when visitors come to visit your site. BlueHost is the Best WordPress Host for the Beginners. For the first blog, everyone wants a host which is popular, trusted, easy and very reasonable in price. So beginner may try BlueHost. Search around and choose wisely if there have been any major problems associated with hosting provider. Reviews and price point will help you to choose a budget friendly Host. Time of find hosting provider is sure that it has a WordPress plugin. Though maximum hosting providers provide a WordPress plugin. It is easy to install WordPress on your hosting account. It is your wok to choose the right provider and get the right hosting account. In the beginning, you need not high capacity account. But after you grow, it will need the right amount of space and bandwidth for supporting your traffic.

4: Install WordPress

The content management system is needed for building the blog site. It also needs for managing blog posts. WordPress is one and only option. So use WordPress. Before there were a few competitors like Joomla, Typepad but no one uses those anymore. WordPress has most web hosts offer and it is very easy. Just log into your web host, find it and install WordPress.

5: Select the WordPress theme

WordPress is the foundation of the site. There is an option in WordPress to uses “themes,” little packages of code it also is swapped in and out. Your site will change when you change the theme. Don’t afraid your blog post content won’t change. There are many sites to buy a theme like “StudioPress” but The themes are a bit expensive at $130. StudioPress was purchased by WP Engine. It will better if you plan on hosting your site with WP Engine. Themeforest is the most popular WordPress theme in the marketplace. You’ll find anything you want. After purchasing your theme, log into your WordPress blog, go to the Theme section and Appearance in the WordPress sidebar menu. Now follow the instructions for adding the theme. You’ll have to upload the theme files to WordPress and activate the theme. Upload option will available by going to Themes > Add New, a button towards the top. And next, you’ll see this option to upload.

6: Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a website analytics tool which is free from Google. It is free but it is a good analytics tool out there. There is also reason to create a Google Analytics account and install it on the blog. It stores data over time. Google Analytics recorded visitor on the first blog. After seeing those first visitors come it will motivate you. You may check Google Analytics to see your total traffic. It is also easy to set up. Just Go to Google Analytics and set up your account. After creating an account, you will get a unique JavaScript tracking code. Google Analytics will start collecting data for you when you copy and paste that snippet of code into your site.

7: Collection of Email List

Email always dominates any other channel for the campaign. The easiest and best way is to connect with them through email. You may send an email to your audience for offering them products/services or when you post something new. For this, you will need an email marketing service to get started.

8: Write Keyword Focus Demandable Topic Content.

Blogging is mainly significant for writing. Topic and writing style has the capacity to hold and raise viewers. For these advertisers will likely pay less for each click. The blog which will make money involves a great deal of writing. Content is very effective .write as much content as possible to you and shares it in a different platform where you get the opportunity. To make a large number of content don’t sacrifice quantity over quality. If you make readers engaged and active to read your content, Google will take notice. Engagement, calculated through things like the average time spent reading your content, Google will count average session time, exit rate, bounce rate, and it will work when ranking on Google’s competitive Search Engine Results Pages.

9: Audience building

In the blogging, sector audience is the main key to earn money. So you have to put your focus on audience. After gathering a good number of visitors it will easy to get money. But at the beginning time, it will tough to manage a large number of readers. You have to caution that the first-time readers of your blog will come back later. It will possible if you provide them with good content which is useful to them. You have to give priority on those topic or style which they like most. The returning readers will help to build a large audience from where you will make a profit.

Always stay in touch with your readers. Thousand true fans are fully enough to support your blog. Just keep it up. One day you will get there. But it will take a few years. To get active and increase visitors you have to make at least one post per week. It will better post two or three times per week if you can. Always try to improve your writing quality. Those will help to gather a genuine audience.

10: Monetize Blog

There are many ways which you can use to monetize your blog. We are talking about some methods which use to monetize your blogs.

Google AdSense:

After starting you have to put your attention on making money from your blog. There are many ways to make money but one of the easiest ways is advertising. When you have a large number of visitors in your blog and they watch the advertising. Advertisers will pay for their ads your readers have shown. It is an easy way to make money from a blog that paid for showing advertisements by joining Google’s AdSense program. After setting your account on AdSense, have to add a code to add to your blog. Advertisements automatically appear on your blog from companies who are part of Google’s advertising network because of the code. Ads come from small companies which related to your topic, you also see large companies’ ads which are completely not related to your topic. The interesting thing about AdSense is only a simple code which you add the blog that brings to you thousands of advertisers bidding to advertise on your blog. Every time of clicking ad on your blog by the visitors, you will get paid. It is the system that Google collects the money from the advertisers and then you will get a check, normally every month. Earning amount from AdSense depends on mainly depend on some factors. Firstly, the number of visitors. There are so many visitors means so many times click on advertisements which are symbols of more money. Visibility of the ads is another important fact. After adding AdSense code on your blog you will get a choice of the style of advertisements like large images, small images, text, or many more. They’re also an option where the advertisements are placed. You have to balance placing the ads tactfully which will not the cause of annoying your readers. When it will difficult to see the content due to the number and size of the ads, the number of visitors will diminish.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is expanding others production your blog. It is not a useless work they will pay you when your viewers buy their product or service. Here you get paid as a medium. For this, you have to sign up and follow their instruction for completing registration. They will send you an address which you can place on your blog. When a visitor visits that, they will be taken to your promoting page. After going if they bought any product or service, you will get a commission for this. There are much prominent company and product seller who is offering affiliate.

Online Shop:

By selling things on own blog can make a lot of money. It’s an awesome idea and a free way to start selling online. You still need to practice and keep learning in order to become a great blogger.

At last, we are saying a true earning record of the blog. It has been found that some top publishers earn million dollars per year and some people earn less than this, don’t be hurry to make money from the blog it would take time. It is not a miracle which will happen overnight, but it is sure to reward will come if you continue your journey technically and keeping patience.


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