List of 30 Must to Do Tasks for Ecommerce WordPress Website 🔥

Hi, here I have just shared with you some of my real-life experiences as a list of work or tasks that are very crucial for creating a basic Ecommerce or Blogging WordPress Website. You may check those below and suggest me if any improvement is needed. Thanks in advance for reading!

  1. At first, write at least five articles based on KGI keywords.
  1. Set up an e-commerce theme to your WordPress website. Ecommerce theme is better always even you are blogging. Because it helps you to sell products later and it has blogging facility too. (I prefer Online Shop by Acme Themes) This freemium theme is nice to work with.
  1. Import demo of the theme after installing the theme.
  1. Install Woocommerce.
  1. Create few Categories and Product Categories based on your niche. Keep in mind: Categories and Product Categories both are a different thing. Categories are for your blog posts and Product Categories are for your Products in woocommerce those you want to sell as courses or keeping other materialistic products.
  1. Customize your demo themes by going to your wordpress dashboard. If you are already logged in to your wordpress dashboard of your website. Then, you can easily customize your website by going to the homepage of your site and clicking on the customize on the top of your website. 

Be careful during customization. Take time to understand your demo theme and customize in such a way one by one. Try to keep the flow of the design and then implement what Category or Product do you want to show in a certain place of that homepage of the demo theme. If you are using “Online Shop by Acme Theme”, then you can easily customise the demo theme by pressing Shift+RMB on a specific portion or area of your demo theme of your website. (RMB means Right Mouse Button click. I learned this first when I was a 16 year old kid and playing GTA 5, haha ha.) 

Try not to delete anything from your demo theme at the beginning, just try to change the specific part of portion by customization. You can delete the data later. Keep Patience. Otherwise, you can easily mess up the customization of the demo wordpress theme.

  1. Try to keep your product image format PNG and in 99 kb. You will get nice loading speed and will get some love from facebook too when you will share your product or blog post to Facebook. Try to SEO optimize your images of products of blogpost before uploading.
  1. Install Head and Footer Scripts Inserter plugin by Space-x-Chimp. It will help you to insert any type of Google or Facebook-related code later.
  1. Integrate Google Analytics.
  1. Integrate Google Tag Manager.
  1. Integrate Google Search Console.
  1. Create a Facebook Business Manager account, a facebook page for your website and Set up facebook pixel if you want to do a paid advertisement of your product or blog article later.
  1. If your are creating a website for Affiliate Marketing, then, just don’t use the product image directly from Amazon. Rather use free product related stock images from Pexel, Unsplash, Pixabay etc. Then, just SEO optimise the images and create products by tweaking the product descriptions from Amazon. Don’t copy the product description directly from Amazon.  Try to write the product description in your own language but logically maintaining authenticity. Now, using woocommerce give your affiliated product link in the “Buy Now” button. So, this was a bonus for you in short, about how can you create an affiliate marketing website. Did you love that or not? Write in a comment.
  1. Create an About page where you will describe about yourself and your activities regarding this website. You will describe here also what is your website about, its aims or purposes.
  1. Create a Services page. It will really help you to sell your services. Describe para by para or point by point what services you generally offer to your customer. It can be Website Making, Website Marketing, SEO or Social Media Paid Advertising.
  1. Create a Privacy Policy page.
  1. Create a Terms and Conditions page.
  1. Create a Contact page. These all pages will help you later in many cases even if you want to get Google Adsense approval tool
  1. Add about me to your Sidebar using your self-portrait picture and with a little description about you. You can do it by taking a Text Widget from your WordPress dashboard and editing it a little a bit. Then keep this widget to your Sidebar. In the description, you can also add “details..” and link this word to your About page. During blog post or Page editing, from the bottom of your editor, you can fix where Sidebar will show and where not.
  1. Install WP Forms premium plugin. It will help you to take data from your users and also help you so much to do data-driven marketing using Facebook pixels.
  1. Install HurryTimer wordpress plugin, It is “A Scarcity and Urgency Countdown Timer for WordPress & WooCommerce” that will help you to sell your products by creating urgency.
  1. Install NotificationX plugin. It is “Social Proof & Recent Sales Popup, Comment Notification, Subscription Notification or Notification bar” that may help your customer to show social proof that who have already bought your woocommerce product or filled up WP form for course registration or anything else.
  1. Try to install a Popup timer too that can boost your sell too. I didn’t find any free and best wordpress plugin for this purpose. So, did not mention any name of this type of plugin here.  If you know any, please suggest me in the comment.
  1. Install the Shareaholic Social plugin. It will help you to share Page or Blogpost through floating share buttons at the bottom of the content. Besides, using this you will get more social customisation option.
  1. Install OneSignal Push Notifications wordpress plugin. It will help your visitor to subscribe to your website easily with just a little single click.
  1. Install Widget for Social Page Feeds plugin that created by Milap Patel. This plugin will help you to get likes for your Facebook page from the visitors to your website. You may keep this widget to the right sidebar using your wordpress dashboard.
  1. Yes, install Akismet Anti-Spam plugin. I think you understand, this will help your website from spammers.
  1. Install LiteSpeed Cache plugin. It will help you remove the cache and to increase the website loading speed.
  1. Install Image Lazy Loader plugin. It will increase your site speed.
  1. Try to create a Multi-Lingual website.
  1. After, doing all these, now, you can install the Yoast SEO plugin. I am telling this to install at last because it will we be helpful for you if you complete the basic tasks of your website and after that start your SEO work. You should not start SEO work before completing the basic tasks of your website and only then your website can get some love from Google indexing.

That’s for today. Have a nice day!

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