Making Money in College Life

Off family’s student, or from Badly – Off family’s Students, we all get a very hard time for lack of money. 


Sometimes, it goes very hard to pay tuition fees, college fees, residence fees or for other needs. So today I going to discuss some ways, that will clearly help you to solve your financial problem and help you get real experience for your future work/job. Doing a part-time job or do other tasks like delivery, tutor other students, or become a driver, or pet animals, or make hand – made product at your home or residence, work as a freelancer, or work as an ambassador, start a small business, there are many options to choose out! As you see there are many options to choose. I see you get confused about what occupation will you choose? Okay, I will try to discuss the pros and cons so that you will choose on your own. 


#Do a Part-time job.

Personally, I recommend you to choose this option. this will help you understand the current demands of jobs requirements, make interaction with the job so that you will be able to understand It’s pros and cons. Working as an employee help you understand real-life problems and solutions, and help you gain more experiences, this is key to get a good job. Besides, you can get a fixed amount. This will help you save your times, and also your worries! Hmm, there are many advantages you see, but there’s are some disadvantage too. Some of the recruiters give very little amount for your work and force you to the hard – assignment task. And it’ll maybe hamper your study if you do not punctuate, and not serious about your study. If you get too many pressure from your boss, and you just can’t handle this, I request you to not do this job. 


#Delivary Work.

Delivery is smart work. you can earn money quickly by delivery work. It’s easy to do. I also recommend you to do this work if you have enough time beside your study. Some of the good customers or company give a reward for good work.this is less risky for your study but there are some disadvantages too. The main disadvantage is physical work. If you pull By-Cycle every day, you maybe get tired. However, using Motor – Cycle or car to deliver is cost full and risky. If there are Jaam in the road, and you can’t deliver your product by the assigned time, you face unexpected behaviour by customers or company. There are other minor issues is familiarity. If your delivery work is in an unknown place, you are confused often. However, delivery is good work, you can do it beside your study.


#Tutor other students.

Tuition is also a great way to earn money besides your college life. You can teach students when you have free times, and if you get enough students, you will pass your college life without any financial problem. Teaching students help you sharp and recover your knowledge, get hands-on experience to teaching students, If your future Aim is to be a teacher, this will definitely help you acquire good habits of teaching systems. but, there are some problems, I think this is not a big problem but you should notice this. The main disadvantage is the cost of brains. If you Over – Burdened with study, have complexity in your study, you must definitely not to do it. 


#Become a driver.

I personally not recommend this. This is the source of an income, but there are risk and mess. If you want to be a driver, you must need the training to get started. then, get a licence and buy/rent a car or Motor – Cycle a cost you a noticeable amount of money. If you rent a car / Motor – Cycle you must pay it’s the owner a big amount of money in days, this is very hard to give and high risk. It’ll surely hamper your study so that you will do so good as you expected. But if you’re a meritorious student and have enough money and patience, you may try this. 


# Pet animals/Make Hand-Made Product and sell in the market.

This is a good idea to get started. If you’re a girl, and you have expertise in handjob, you definitely try this to change your luck and earn money besides your study. Pet animal and sell in the market is profitable task.there are some risks you should remember. this is, If your pet got attacked by viruses or by bacterias, you maybe suffer a great loss. to avoid risk, you should always follow the veteran doctor’s instructions. 


# Work as a freelancer.

Nowadays, expert freelancers are in high demand. This is a great way to earn money besides study. Freelancing need patience, ability to do work in time and under limitations, need a sharp brain to learn and understand new things efficiently, keep updated yourself with the latest trends and technology. My personal recommendation is not to do this work if you don’t have enough programming knowledge and times to focus outside your study. because freelancing is a highly competitive job. If you want to get a well – figure in your academic career, you should avoid freelancing. but if you’re well versed in programming, have enough time to focus in freelancing, then you can get started. Keep in note that, this is my opinion only. If you think, freelancing will never hamper your study then you can do it. 


# Work as ambassador.

Ambassador is a good job to gain knowledge of marketing. If your future plan is to be an entrepreneur then this is a great role to gain knowledge. Like me, I personally want to be an entrepreneur, to start a new startup, you must need knowledge of marketing. without good marketing strategies, you’ll definitely fail, there is no alternative for it. working as an ambassador not only help you learn marketing strategies, it will help you develop your have interpersonal interaction skills, get involved with the mess – people, help you get deep knowledge of engaging with people. There is less risk for your study. but the main disadvantage is, if you travel through many places and directions, it may significantly affect your study.


 # Start a small business.

If you’re a college student and want to earn money besides your study, you can try this best option. starting a small business surely gives you an idea about business strategies and it’s future. you can run many business strategies to see what is useful and what’s not. beside study, making small business is enough for a student’s regular cost. However, there is some problem with a business. If you’re new to the business and you failed, it will surely make your confidence down or lead you to a financial loss. So I recommend thinking twice before you start your business. before the start, you must run some tests to your idea is right or not. If you can understand the current circumstances of a business possibility, I can guarantee that you will be definitely a success. 



Sorry for a big discussion. now it is clear that you can choose any options, every option has many advantages and think on your own and find out what is perfect to solve your financial problem.

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