Pinterest for Bloggers: How to use it Effectively to Get more Traffic on your Website.

You heard that Pinterest work as a heaven for bloggers to drive niche-based huge traffic to their websites. Yes, you heard it right!

Now I going to share some really working techniques that will help get traffic from Pinterest and help you grow your business or website. 

Quick Tips:

  • Follow the 80/20 rule. That means in Board, pin 20% images of yours and pin 80% images of other bloggers who have really valuable contents.
  • Use “TailWind” or “Later” for scheduling and to post consistently. Consistency is the key here. Post at least more than three times a day at different time.
  • Use Vertical Eye Catchy images (600 px * 900 px) to attract visitors. Try to keep 2:3 ratio for your picture. For example, if width fo your picture is 800px then keep the hight in 1200 px.  That means (Height = 400 *2 = 800px and Width = 400 *3 = 1200px.)
  • A great tip is you can create your Instagram picture in (Width: 800px * Height:800px) size and then use the same picture with a little bit of editing or adding extra portion in Height to use the same picture in Pinterest. This will help you to reduce your Graphic design time a lot.
  • Design images maintaining colour harmony and Rule of Third. You can also use Golden Ratio or Fibonacci in your graphic design for getting psychological attraction specifically for your image only. 
  • Try to enable Rich Pins. If needed contact with Pinterest Support.
  • To be in search result or to get the best impressions, you must use at least 25 related keywords for each post. Collect the keywords from Pinterest search bar by searching a topic. You will get different search suggestions. Use those logically in your posts. You will get the guidelines for using Pinterest keywords targeting here. I know it’s tough to put all these keywords in the description. So what you can do is to strategically put them making big sentences in Title, meta or description and in comments. Be creative.


Best Tips:

    • Make your images SEO friendly by providing keywords as in your Image Titles, Tag, Description. You can do it by right-clicking the specific image in your desktop and then adding those in the “Details” Tab. Double click on 5 stars to make it stable.
      Image SEO Process in Desktop computer  for Pinterest
      Image SEO Process in Desktop computer for Pinterest
  • You can add GeoTag the image by going to to target the visitors of a specific location.
  • Or if you have a WordPress site then you can also use a plugin named Tasty Pin to make your images SEO friendly automatically for Pinterest.

You have so many email addresses in your collection. Why are you not using Pinterest for email marketing to share your contents like below and creating a traffic funnel for your website? Use the Pinterest Send button effectively with proper strategies and you will see the result soon!

Pinterest for marketing and blogging
Pinterest for sharing your contents to other Social Media Platform and also for doing effective Email Marketing.


Have more questions? Feel free to ask below. I will surely reach to you as soon as possible 🙂

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