Problems I faced by hiring Article Writers for my Blog

Sometimes it happens that we get so little time to manage our own blog by doing the other tasks.


Then, we think to autopilot the blog by hiring a few writers who will continue writing our blog.


It seems to us that okay, I am earning money and I should invest my money on some writers who can write for me on my given topic.


My idea was the same too. But I had to compensate the value at last.


I know there is nothing wrong to hire an article writer. But the problem happens when he/she breaks your trust on him/her.


By taking the interview of 54 article writers, I found only two people whose writings were plagiarism grammatical-error-free. Other candidates writings were full of copy-paste materials.


So, I chose two of them and was continuously providing their assignments with topics.


I was so busy and didn’t get time for a few days to check their articles and at first, I posted the writings in such a way and when I got time did SEO for my blog.


Things were happening in such a way.


After a few days, when I was rechecking my blog posts with my utter surprise, I found that some of them are totally plagiarised.


I found that among the two writers, one of them become disloyal to me and started cheating on writing. He was using lines mostly copied from the other websites though he was taking the payment from me on a regular basis.


I told the matter about his copied content and he told that it was just a mistake and he will recorrect those. But when he rewrites the content again I found the same copied result again.


The Punishment I got:

  • I had to recheck all the contents he wrote for me and had to edited those for myself.
  • I had to delete some of my blog posts.
  • It was a lot of wastage of my time.
  • Besides, I lost my invested money on this purpose without any result.


The Lessons I got:


  • Don’t trust a person blindly. Though he/she is working for you with loyalty at first, it doesn’t mean that he will do the same all the time. You can’t trust your teeth even all time; your tongue can be bitten any time.


  • Don’t be lazy to do your own work. You must be alert all the time.


As a blogger, I have shared this experience with you all because we should be united. We should share our experience with others so that other fellow bloggers can be alert too.


What will happen if you use Plagiarised content on your website?


The short answer is you will be penalized by Google.

Google will give you a few warnings at first by contacting with you and even if you disobey the rules, then, your website will be erased from the Google Seach Engine Result Page.


Isn’t it horrific! There are so many examples of that. As an SEO consultant, I often found that my clients were deindexed from Google because of their plagiarised contents those they collected from some disloyal writers before.


So, before starting working for them on other SEO projects, now, at first I do an SEO audit for them so that I can get their websites content plagiarism related problem and try to fix that.


 I also advise them always to use unique content on their website even if they suck in writing.


The only thing you have to keep in mind your writing should be deeply informative and SEO friendly. Your images should be SEO optimized. You must do relevant Guest posting and then your blog post will surely rank on Google.


But again, be careful of your writers! 


The best practice is to write for yourself. It will be so engaging and not boring.


Check plagiarism of the contents before posting!


Have more questions? Just ask me below. I will surely reach to you as soon as possible.


Happy Blogging 🙂

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