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Now I going to share my thought with you on how you can write an effective blog post and how you can make it interesting for your blog’s reader.

A travel blog should contain information about travel and it’s related information like:

  • Most Under/Overrated Cities in the World,
  • Tips for Travelling Solo,
  • Most Creative Ways To Save Money For Travel,
  • Destinations For First-Time, Backpackers,
  • Places I Am Afraid of Visiting, Visiting ______ On a Budget,
  • Comparison post: ______ vs ______: Which Is Better?,
  • How To Perfectly Pack Your Carryon,
  • How To Survive a Long Haul Flight,
  • How To Pack a Suitcase in 30 Minutes! or more.

Now I am going to share a detailed idea of how you can get started!


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Most Under/Overrated Cities in the world

This blog post going to discuss the most Overrated Cities in the world…

First to all start with a short intro like this >


The urban environment is powerful and evocative, reflective of the people, places and times that saw the construction of specific communities. Cities can be iconic, but they can also be overrated. They say you should never meet your heroes, but on this list, you might conclude that it’s equally unwise to visit your favorite cities. They may not live up to your lofty expectations after all…

Bear in mind that this is just a sample after you write a short intro, you can write down below their details by points by points, and with a detailed description, Like this:

10. Paris

Paris may be iconic for its Eiffel Tower, culture, and architecture, and for being a romantic and meaningful place to getaway. However, Paris is reputed to be overrated, so we’re going to check out the somewhat startling facts about this exceptionally famous French metropolis. Referred to as the City of Love or the City of Lights, Paris does have a variety of most famous human artifacts to appreciate or places to check out that are of historic or cultural fame and significance. Paris even has its own Disneyland. While seen as romantic and a place of love, Paris, in fact, might ironically be defined as a place to get lonely. Yes, there is much to appreciate architecturally and in the form of art and culture but Paris is well known as a place where bids for politeness do not constitute the highest priority in day to day life.

Paris has suffered the fate of being voted no less than Europe’s most overrated city, topping the list due to its unfriendliness. Visitors have often complained about unduly curt or unwelcoming treatment by locals. While Paris is a dream destination for foreign visitors around the world, it seems that becoming tired of serving foreigners without perfect French is an attitude conveyed by enough Parisians. Condescending attitudes and bluntness are ubiquitous in Paris to the point where visitors may not only feel disappointed but downright depressed. Finding that Paris does not measure up has created such severe symptoms as to be labeled as Paris Syndrome.

Now going for another point


The Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, and the Trevi Fountain. In iconic Rome, Italy, the list goes on, and there’s plenty to see for those interested in some more modern history too. The Vatican is also a stone’s throw away. While the famous ancient city does have remarkable architectural sites that are rich in the history of religious, civic, and political significance, as well as being the scene of great conflict and drama, Rome itself is a place that one might say has seen better days in some regards. The ruins of ancient structures in Rome have been preserved for visitors but unfortunately, several modern amenities have come to resemble a less appealing version of what might be called another form of ruins. Despite a steady injection of funds through tourist dollars, work to improve problematic transportation, sanitation, and municipal infrastructure shortcomings in Rome have lagged exceptionally. As money keeps coming in and the city remains crowded with tourists, a lack of efficiency and even strikes have left much to be desired, to put things mildly. Remarkably, sanitation problems, including garbage being left to the point of mass overflow, led to threats of European Union sanctions. Furthermore, visitors have complained about disreputable conduct from touts taking on the roles of taxi drivers, cash exchangers, and guides. Rome might attract millions of visitors yearly, but the city suffers some of Europe’s lowest repeat visit rates.


As you see, I am writing a good blog post with points and details, and you should follow if you want to make your travel blog beautiful

Now going to discuss another point to express your experience and idea with your travel blog’s visitor ineffective way

Tips for travelling solo

Let’s write down some description, follow my written to get a better idea!

Description starts from here: >
Traveling solo? Great! You get to do what you want when you want. You can connect with people if you wish or avoid them completely if you want to be alone. When you travel alone, you travel on your terms. Here are some tips to help you travel alone and love it with references to additional articles with detail on specific subjects.


As you see, I have written a short description, let’s write some of the points so that you can get an idea when going to provide such type of post for your blog’s followers

Travel Alone and Love It: Before You Leave.

1.Understand how travel contributes to happiness.
I find that once I understand the why of something it’s easier to follow through and do it. Please read Money, Solo Travel, and Happiness to help put all three into perspective.


2.Save up.
Isn’t it great to return from a trip and know that it’s fully paid for rather than having to catch up financially after the fact? Save up for your trip before you go. Enjoy the delayed gratification. And be ready to start saving for the next trip as soon as you return.


Adapt to Your Destination.

Be patient.
It can be difficult to arrive in a new city alone. Take your time. Take a day to relax, watch the city function, and settle in.


Be proactive.
If you’re unsure of yourself, ask for help. Standing around looking dazed will not get you where you want to go and it may get you noticed by the wrong people. It would be a strange occurrence for you to choose to ask the wrong person for information, so go ahead, smile, and ask for help.


Stay low-key.
Don’t flash jewelry or expensive cameras and electronics. Be discreet to avoid unwanted attention.


Travel Alone But Not Lonely

It means the same things in every language. It means you are happy, friendly, approachable, kind. A smile opens many conversations.

Learn a few words in the local language.
Making an effort to communicate in the local language is always appreciated and often returned with an effort to communicate in your language.


As you see, I am writting effective tips for travel lovers.

You should follow this style for convience your visitor

Now going to discuss another point.


Most Creative Ways to save money for travel

Let’s write down below a short description, that shares ideas about how the visitor can save money for travel. Follow the below point to get the idea of how you can express your idea with your visitor

First things first, though: you need to figure out how much you need to save. How much will it cost you to go around the world?
Just remember, whatever your around-the-world travel budget is, it’s best to have a plan in place!


Create a savings plan. A good savings plan will have these steps:

Assessment – Compare your trip plan to the reality of your financial situation. Is it feasible, or are you dreaming too big? Make hard decisions. Be honest. Once you’ve got a general idea of your trip’s overall cost, compile a spreadsheet that lists your income vs. your expenses to see how everything stacks up.


Setting goals – Your savings plan should comprise several goals, some short-term and some long-term. List your goals in specific numbers and don’t be shy to shoot high. But, not so high it kills your enthusiasm for your big trip (people have traveled around the world on nothing!).


Commit to your dream

The first of our tips for saving money (for travel) is to remember why you’re doing this and to remind yourself every day. Put a picture on your wall, or a map with pins and strings to mark your dream around the world trip route, for constant revalidation. Saving money is a slog, but anyone can do it if they set their mind to it.
Reduce your expenditures.
Simplify your life.
Earn some extra income.
Sell some stuff.


As you see, it’s well styled and has a clear message to visitors.

Follow this idea if you unsure to how you can get started


Now look at another example, how you can write an effective blog post for saving money on road, The creative way to write a post about this


ways to save money on your next road trip.

Taking a road trip is a great alternative to traveling by bus, train, or plane; driving lets you see the sights as they come into view and makes it easy to take as many stops as you want, whenever you feel like it.
If you’re venturing on a lengthy trip or taking a dedicated vacation, driving can help save you money too. Consider these 10 tips for planning a memorable time on the road that doesn’t break the bank.


Set and stick with a budget.

Create a road trip budget before you go to predict exactly how much you’ll spend on expenses — be it transportation, entertainment, an emergency fund, or something else.
Your budget will help you stay on track and prevent overspending. You’ll feel confident knowing you’ve projected how much money to spend on each part of your trip.


Split the cost with friends.

Road tripping with friends can help cut costs on gas, food, and lodging.
Split purchases with your crew and pay each other back in seconds with an app, like Venmo. You can keep the money in your Venmo account, transfer it back to your bank, or use the debit card to tap into your balance for other spending needs immediately.


Earn extra money while you’re on the road

Cutting costs on a trip is great, but earning some extra money as you go is even better.
Roadie is a peer-to-peer delivery service that functions like ridesharing for stuff and you can earn up to $600 by delivering packages on a route you’re already taking.


I hope you get Idea about how you can write an effective blog post on saving money on road

Now going to discuss another travel blog post idea to inform your visitor how they can Pack a Suitcase in 30 Minutes


How to Pack Your Luggage in 30 Minutes.

You just booked a last-minute trip and have only 30 minutes to get all you need packed and get out the door. Here are some tips for packing like a pro when time is a factor.


1.Choose your suitcase – if you’re going away for a few days, try using a carry-on. This will automatically bring down the amount you can pack and you can even bring it with you on the plane, leaving less chance for luggage theft issues. If you are going for a week or more, a bigger bag is more what you are looking for.


2.Bring at least two travel outfits that are comfortable to wear on a plane or long car ride. Keep the one you are planning to wear out and pack the other.


3.Pack your shoes – keep this down to two or three pairs to keep it light, including your flip flops.
4. Pack your favorite travel accessories like jewelry.
5. Don’t forget to bring a book, iPad, iPod and anything else you might need to keep you occupied during the flight or long drive.
6. Stay comfy and bring along a pillow and blanket.

I hope you get an idea of how you can write an effective post on How to Pack Your Luggage in 30 Minutes!


Now going to discuss another post that shows an example post on this topic > Comparison post: Sydney vs London: Which Is Better?


I hope you’ll enjoy it and do it for your visitor!

Comparison post: Sydney vs London: Which Is Better?

You might be reading this because you’re wondering whether to move to London or whether to move to Sydney. In this case, which one will give you a better life?
We can admit that London and Sydney are both amazing cities to visit, but what’s the reality like to live in both of them?
After moving to Sydney in 2011 and having a stint back in England, here’s what we think about living in both London and Sydney, without holding back.
Don’t take personal offense to this post, this is just told from our own experience.

1. How expensive is Sydney and London to live in?

To be honest, we found it more expensive to live in London than in Sydney. I know most people might disagree but that’s how we found it.
Transport is hugely more expensive in England as a whole, eating out is very expensive and so is fuel. We only found renting (only slightly), clothes shopping and grocery shopping to be cheaper in England.
Want to know more? Here are just some of the costs to compare.
1 monthly train ticket from Brighton – London : Roughly AUD$1000.
1 monthly transport to work in Sydney: Roughly AUD$160 max
2x main meal at a thai restaurant in Brighton: Roughly AUD$90
2x main meal at a thai restaurant in Sydney: Roughly AUD$45
I found that I could technically save way more money in Australia because we tend to not spend much on weekends as we’re out at the beach or hiking which doesn’t cost anything except for the cheap fuel. This made a huge difference for us instead of buying into consumerism in England.
And whilst we’re on that note, consumerism is HUGE in England, like massive. We never noticed it before until moving back there. Clothes shops have new stock in almost daily, unlike Australia which updates theirs like every few months.


2. What’s it like working in London vs working in Sydney?

Let’s get straight to the main point you’re probably wondering about with working in London vs working in Sydney. I have to admit, neither working in London or Sydney has been great, but from personal experience, here are the things that stood out if you need a comparison.
The pay is generally higher in Australia but it’s relative to living expenses. Although saying that, we found it more expensive to live in England personally as we mention above.
I found it easier to get a decent job in London than in Sydney because there are so many more amazing global companies hiring than in Sydney. Also as a side note, it seems people have more of a life to work attitude in London and a work to live attitude in Sydney.


3. What are the people like in London vs Sydney?

OK so people are usually a huge topic to discuss. Personally, when we moved back to England, we couldn’t believe how nice everyone was. But it was Summertime. As time went on and the Winter months appeared, people became more miserable and angry. I honestly think it’s due to the continuous grey days. Regardless of that, we found people would chat with each other on public transport, have a laugh in the pub and it almost felt like we’re all in it together.
If the trains were down, no one would get snarky in England, it’s that reserved nature we have, unlike in Australia. If there’s one thing about Australian people, they don’t hold back, sometimes this is a great trait, other times maybe not so much. I had to continuously stop Steve from ranting loud on the train from Brighton to London about how crap the service was on more than one occasion.
I think one of the biggest things ex-pats tend to struggle within Sydney is making friends.
Here’s my reasoning behind it: In Australia, most people go to uni where they grew up and stayed living at home (to save on expenses obvs because uni fees in Australia are massive) so they wouldn’t have experienced a similar upbringing to British people who move away at 18 to go to uni.
What I mean by this is a lot of Aussies have their same friends from primary school and are in very tight circles. Whereas in England, a lot of people leave home at 18, move into Halls of Residence whilst expanding to further friendship groups past their school years. I might be wrong but that’s just my interpretation since I moved to Australia 8 years ago.
When you move to Sydney, it’s not easy making friends at all. One thing I noticed a lot was that work people hung out with work people all the time in London outside of work, whereas work people in Sydney might be your mate at work, but wouldn’t be up for doing anything on the weekend. Don’t take this personally, it’s very common.
Australian people, in general, are nice but in Sydney, they can be a whole other experience and can be fake. Not all people are like that at all, but you’ll probably notice it from time to time. But that’s what you get for living in the biggest city in a country. In London, I didn’t notice it as much, probably because it’s so much bigger but of course people in London are not the same as the people outside of London.


Now you can see, It’s not hard to make an effective post on a travel blog, but you must have some skills to make it true.

This post is going to be very big, If I going to discuss the whole travel blog post idea within a single post, There are more topics to follow and write your blog that I list below, It’s the full flow for travel blog’s posting guidelines.
You should follow this point and write on these topics:


20 post ideas for travel bloggers

  • Most Under/Overrated cities in the world
  • Tips for travelling solo
  • Most Creative ways to save money for travel
  • Destination for first-time backpackers
  • Places that I am afraid of visiting
  • Visiting on this budget
  • Comparison post: VS Which is better?
  • How to perfectly pack your carry-on
  • How to survive a long haul flight
  • How to pack a suitcase in 30 minutes
  • Travel budgets/Living Expenses idea
  • Things You shouldn’t miss in
  • Top attarction in an specific places
  • Top restaurants in specific place.
  • 100 top cities in the world
  • Ways to saving money on the road
  • A photo diary/hand note on your specific travels
  • Write your recent travel description
  • Write review of an specific place
  • How to travel safety on specific place



By reading this post, you can clearly understand how you can write an effective blog post for a travel blog.
However, If you have any question, please ask me so that I’ll try to help
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