What Products Sell the Most on Facebook? Guidebook 2020!

What products sell the most on Facebook that is the burning questions now.

The idea of selling on Facebook can be defined in two ways.

i) Selling used items on Facebook Market Place.

ii) Selling Products on the whole Facebook Platform as a business owner (F-commerce).

Here in this post, I will mainly focus on selling on Facebook platform as an F-commerce business owner. But don’t worry I will also help you notify what are the best selling items for the Facebook Market place too.

In FB Marketplace you can sell the following items for the highest profit.

  • Old and worn furniture
  • Refurbished furniture
  • Character toys such as Blippi, Paw Patrol, Batman, etc.
  • Unused bicycles
  • Customized maternity clothes
  • Unused plastic storage cabinet from your garage
  • Second-hand electronic gadgets
  • Kitchen utensils like wooden spoons

FB Market place is just mainly one type of Classified place to buy and sell used products in exchange. This is a place to sell your crap. That means if you sell used products range from $5 to $20, then you can get a marginal demand in the market place.

But if the same product of $5 can be sold for $2 on eBay as a brand new product, then your product will get no attention or value.

List of best practice to sell your products on FB Market:

  • Eye-catchy product image.
  • Detailed product description.
  • Specific pricing. You may mention “Fixed Price”.
  • Be specific from where the buyers should pick the products. From your home or you will deliver them.
  • Be specific about the timing during the appointment with the buyer.
  • Your address should be written clearly.

Tips for Selling in FB Market:

  • Take advantage of the related Facebook groups for the promotion of your items.
  • Don’t do so many listing at a time. Because it may confuse you to manage the buyers.

As a businessman, if you want to sell your products on the Facebook platform initiating F-commerce, then you can consider the following products at present.

Here is a list of product that sells on Facebook most:

  • Kitchen products
  • Home decoration products
  • Women Clothing
  • Women Jewelry
  • Cool gadgets and Men gift items
  • Skill development courses

I have mentioned above which product has a high demand on Facebook. Besides those you can consider selling the following trending items, I am discussing below specifically.

a) Peel-off face mask:

According to the data of Google Trends, Pinterest, and Ubbersuggest, the Peel-off face mask is searched by more than 30,000 people in a month.

This type of beauty product works well in visual social medial platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. To make a quick sale you can run paid ads or do influencer marketing. Try to make partnership with a quality influencer in the budget.

You can implement the following strategies also:

  • Do AMA live video on Facebook, IG, or Youtube and show people how can they use the face mask for the first time. If you hesitate to do this then take your sister or friend as a model.
  • Create funny and engaging posts.
  • Use user-generated content that means who bought your product offline before request her to create a post in her account with the usage of the product and now you can repost it to your business page to show user reviews.
  • Create a carousel post on Instagram showing step by step process of using the face mask in the right way.

b) Nail polish for nail art lovers:

The nail polish industry is growing big day by day. Newly trend of nail art has accelerated this. From teens to women all are getting obsessed with the design of their nails. They always try to be trendy, fashionable.

Now for this fashionista, you can sell attractive color nail polish online showing creative effects and textures on nails.

For marketing purposes, try to use the carousel post on Facebook and Instagram. According to SocailInsider, carousel posts get up to 5.13% more engagement than other regular posts.

But to sell those you have to execute the strategies below by creating a Facebook page so that you can get your Facebook items to sell quickly.

Here I will describe to you step by step how to sell on Facebook.

You can sell your products on Facebook using two ways.

i) Setting up Facebook Shops using Facebooks’s Commerce Manager.

ii) Using Facebook Market Place to sell your products.

iii) Setting up Traditional Facebook Page Shop which is more customizable.

As Facebook Shop is not available yet to all so here I will describe how can you sell your product items on Facebook Page Shop and get huge sales.

Existing Facebook Business Page Shop helps you to display products on your Facebook business page that you have created by going to Facebook Business Manager.

Facebook Business Page Shop helps the seller to track their customer data with Facebook Pixel and Messenger Marketing. This feature helps so much to upsell and cross-sell different product items to the same customer.

This process increases the sale rates radically.

To set up the Facebook Business page it is a better practice to have a Facebook Business Manager Account because it gives you so much flexibility to customize your page and running your Ad Campaigns effectively later. Without creating a Facebook business manager account, at first, you can also create Facebook Business Page, or add the page to your Facebook Business Manager later.

Facebook generally supports physical products to sell.

To know what can you sell or what should not I will recommend you to read Facebook Commerce Product Merchant Agreement.

After creating a Facebook page just upload your product photos one by one with a good description and run the Facebook Ads Campaign to sell your product as first as possible.

There is a good thing about Facebook Ad Campaign is that Facebook Returns on Your Investment greatly well.

Generally, if you have an appealing product and if you spend 1x for your product ad on Facebook then you can get 3x as a return.

The Facebook algorithm will try to find a customer for you and sell your products.

Pro Tip: At least run 5 days of Ad campaign $2/day budget at the research phase if you belong to a country where the competition level is not so high yet. So, in these 5 days spending a total of $10 you are just acquiring customer data by running a test ad campaign.

But before that, you have to give Facebook Pixel enough customer data by integrating Facebook Pixel into your website.

To get this buyer data you can create a Test Facebook Ad and then take the visitor to your website. Then, who will buy your product just Track them with Facebook Pixel and run a LookAlike Custome Ad Campaign again.

This time you will see your sales are increasing to a great extent.

But what is important for you always is to design Facebook Ad Campaign strategically and integrating Pixel code into your website, so that you can track customer data later.

Generally, Facebook Pixel is integrated with the help of Google Tag Manager to get the best result.

If you can integrate that then that’s a plus point for you otherwise if you don’t want to play with codes just get a professional who will strategically Run Facebook Ads for you by Integrating Facebook Pixel for your e-commerce website.

You can handover the duty to a paid marketer in budget without wearing all the hats yourself. If you do that then you can easily work on your product sourcing and product delivery without any headache.

So, which items can you sell on Facebook easily?

Kitchen items and gadgets are best to sell on Facebook. Besides, fashion and makeup items are just in high demand.

It’s up to you actually which item will you sell on Facebook but always keep in mind that you can not sell everything on Facebook because of their Privacy Policy.

So, before selling anything with the help of Facebook Ads just read their policy properly.

Facebook Ads work on bidding strategy. So, if you wish to sell a special product then check its competition by researching the niche of that product.

Generally, competitive niche product is tough to sell on Facebook even using Facebook Ads.

But, if you have good strategies to sell your product on Facebook using Facebook customer-data-based Ads, then, you need less to worry!

So, always focus on customer data and niche research before selling a product on Facebook.

You may also take the help of the Facebook Product Sell Niche Research Consultant and Ad Strategist to get the best result for selling your product on Facebook.

Generally, the organic selling process without Ads doesn’t do well at present on Facebook. You will hardly get any sales in a week whereas Facebook ads help to sell at least 3 products daily if you can collect enough customer data beforehand based on research and tracking.

But before selling the products on Facebook you should be aware of the profit margin.

Margin indicates the difference between your Wholesale price and the selling price of your product. You will get the net profit when you will ad your product maintenance, marketing, and shipping cost with the wholesale price and subtract from your product selling price.

According to me, your product selling success doesn’t come by luck rather you have spent time on product research.

You have to find out what your competitors are selling in the same niche that you are interested in and what their lackings.

Product sourcing at a wholesale price also plays a vital role here. You should add 20-25% profit on the product cost so that you can set your product pricing for selling as a retailer online.

For sourcing and researching the products and competition, I will suggest you stay connected with Etsy, Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, and sure browse through Facebook Ad Library.

To compare and contrast the customer demand in a certain locality use Facebook Audience Insight tool too.



So I think you have got an idea about what products sell the most on Facebook. Above all research should be the key factor before selling anything on Facebook or online. Because competition is arising day by day in this sector. If you have anything to add here, feel free to put a line in the comment section.

Happy selling!


Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs:

What products are trending on Facebook?

A list of trending products on Facebook is given below.

  • Ladies Leather Handbags
  • Waterproof backpack
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Sandals
  • Gorgeous winter boots
  • Screen amplifier
  • Oil-proof sticker for kitchen wall
  • Nail trimmers for pets

What products sell best on Facebook?

Clothing items like T-shirts, Handmade Jewelry items, and cool kitchen products sell best on Facebook.

What sells the most on Facebook?

All types of Women and pet items sell the most on Facebook without any fear of loss.




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